Vietnam’s dream of the World Cup finals is so close, but also so far away

The historical journey of “Golden Stars”

Vietnam Tel winning tickets to the third qualifying round of the World Cup in Asia for the first time to take another step towards the dream of attending the final round of the biggest football festival on the planet. However, when the opponents were all strong teams in the continent, Vietnam Tel was not able to surprise.

Coach Park Hang Seo’s army lost 7 consecutive matches before defeating China in the 8th match with a score of 3-1. We closed our journey with a resilient draw against Japan on the opponent’s field.

After 10 matches in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, Vietnam Tel won 4 points, ranked at the bottom of Group B. Although there was no ticket to the World Cup finals 2022, but Vietnam Tel still went down in history, becoming the The first team in Southeast Asia to win and get 4 points in the 3rd qualifying round of the World Cup.

“Walking a day, learning a wise sieve” behind this historic achievement, Vietnam Tel has learned and drawn a lot of valuable experiences to develop the country’s football, towards the dream of participating in the World Cup. The biggest football club in the world.

Football expert Phan Anh Tu said: “Vietnam has gained more than lost when competing in the third qualifying round of the World Cup. We have affirmed the name, progress and position of Vietnamese football. The players accumulated a lot of experience, a lot more mature. In matches with world-class teams, Vietnam Tel still has a very good position, making the opponent confused and not giving up easily.

The dream of the World Cup is near, but also very far

Although they only won 4 points in 10 matches, scored 8 goals, and conceded 19 goals, in general, Vietnam Tel had a good journey in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. not only complete the goal in terms of scores, tactics and gameplay, but also highly appreciated for fighting spirit.

Pride is what we can say about the players after the journey in the third qualifying round of the World Cup, when Park’s teachers and students only lost close to Japan, Australia, leading Saudi Arabia, the top teams. continents.

However, besides being proud of what has been achieved, Vietnam Tel also needs to look directly at the truth. That is, even though we only lost close to these teams, the gap in our level and level is still quite far behind them and it is not easy to level in a short time.

Football expert Phan Anh Tu analyzed: “Vietnam Tel plays against big teams, but we still have the game and create scoring opportunities. However, we lack focus on tight matches and the ability to exploit opportunities.

That’s where the team is more level than each other. In the match, it only takes a few loopholes to pay the price. High-class teams know how to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses and mistakes.”

According to expert Phan Anh Tu, to be able to improve these weaknesses, Vietnamese football needs a combination of many factors: “To improve the missing and weak problems, it depends on the level of the ball. football of the whole country, depending on the qualities and qualities of Vietnamese players.”

The goal of Vietnamese football is that Vietnam Tel will participate in the World Cup finals in the near future. And in the near future, the World Football Federation will increase the total number of participating teams to 48, Asia will have more slots and opportunities for Vietnam Tel will also open.

Vietnam Tel has entered the 3rd qualifying round, which is the top 12 strongest teams in Asia, but from 12th place to reach the top 7 and top 8 to compete for tickets to the finals is an arduous and difficult journey. not easy to do.

Vietnamese football has progressed and developed strongly in recent years, but our opponents have not stopped. They also develop and also aim to have tickets to the World Cup finals.

To fulfill the big dream, Vietnamese football must do the smallest things well. Clubs must gradually become professional, have many high-quality youth training centers, and have many players go abroad to play football. VFF, VPF and the clubs themselves must join hands to improve the quality of the V-League. When those links are completed, Vietnam Tel will have an abundant supply of high-quality players.

On the other hand, before dreaming of attending the World Cup finals, Vietnam Tel needs to get used to regularly participating in the 3rd qualifying round of the Asian region. If we don’t regularly participate or work hard to get tickets to the 3rd qualifying round, considering each score a miracle, our dream is still far away.

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