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Warning signs you may be suffering from depression

People with depression often have prolonged insomnia, appetite and weight changes, irritability, and decreased sex drive.

Depression is becoming more and more common, leaving certain consequences. Some people with depression may try to hide the signs from others, or they may not even realize that they are depressed. Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes depression. However, many experts believe that a number of factors play a role in the onset of the disease. Among them, the disease can run in families. Having a loved one with the disease can increase another person’s risk of developing the disease on their own.

Hormonal changes or imbalances in the body can cause or trigger depression. For example, many women experience postpartum depression after giving birth. Periods of high stress or traumatic events or major life changes can trigger an episode of depression in some people. In addition, occasional pessimism can increase the risk of depression, or taking certain medications can increase the risk of this disease.

According to the sheet MedicalNewsTodayThere are some potential signs of depression to watch out for.

Food cravings and weight changes

Eating too much or too little can suggest the presence of depression. Some people use food to find comfort, while others have anorexia or eat less due to poor mood. Changes in food intake can cause a person to begin to gain or lose weight. Significant changes in weight can also worsen depression because they can affect an individual’s self-esteem.

Change your sleeping habits

There is a strong connection between mood and sleep. Lack of sleep can contribute to depression, especially chronic sleep deprivation. Conversely, depression can make it harder to fall asleep. In addition, sleeping too much can also be a sign that a person may be depressed. Some people with mood disorders may use alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings of sadness, loneliness, or hopelessness.

The American Depression Association (ADAA) reports that in the United States, one in five people with an anxiety or mood disorder such as depression also have an alcohol or substance use disorder.

One of the signs of a stroke is persistent insomnia.  Photo: Freepik

One of the signs of a stroke is persistent insomnia. Photo: Freepik


Feeling excessively tired is a very common symptom of depression. Some studies show that more than 90% of people with depression feel tired. While everyone feels fatigued from time to time, people with severe or persistent fatigue—especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms—may have underlying depression.

Forced happiness or pessimism

There is an underlying form of depression, known as “smiling depression”. People with depression will mask their symptoms with happy faces when around other people. However, it is difficult to maintain this forced happiness, instead there are signs of sadness, despair or loneliness.

Studies also show that people with depression, especially major depression, can tend to be pessimistic. They often have a more negative view of the future. And yet, when a person loses focus in conversation or briefly loses the ability to think, it can indicate problems with memory and concentration – a common symptom of depression. have a cold.

Irritability, anger

People with signs of depression may lose interest in hobbies and activities they once enjoyed. With that, instead of appearing sad, some people with hidden depression may appear irritable and angry overtly or repressed. In addition to mental health, depression can also have physical consequences such as weight, back pain, headaches, digestion…

Low libido

According to Dr. Jennifer Payne, director of the Center for Women’s Mood Disorders at Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Baltimore (USA), some health professionals consider changes in sex drive to be the main indicator for diagnosing depression. major depressive episode. A person’s sex drive may decrease when they are depressed.

To treat depression, people often take steps such as reducing stress with activities such as meditation, deep breathing exercises or yoga; enhance self-esteem through positive self-affirmation. Another method is to increase communication with those around you, although this can be a challenge with depression. Patients can participate in activities they used to enjoy, exercise regularly, have a balanced diet.

Mr. Chi (According to MedicalNewsToday)

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