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Young people find joy in workshops-Youth

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 16:15 PM (GMT+7)

Through conversations, learning and exchanges (workshops), young people seem to be inspired and motivated by interesting and useful stories that enthusiastic people want to bring.

Young people find joy in workshops - 1

A young person participates in a workshop on pottery making.

Workshop is roughly understood as a class or a small exchange about methods and skills of a specific field or topic. Recently, the workshop has become popular with many diverse topics, aimed at dynamic young people. From the passion and enthusiasm to bring useful playgrounds and stories in life, many workshops have been organized and attracted many participants, especially young people.

With the desire to inspire those who have a passion in the field of flower arrangement, through the workshop “Making Flowers a part of life”, Mr. Tran Minh Vu (owner of a flower shop in Ho Chi Minh City) brought it to him. stories and experiences, imparting to young people who are passionate about fresh flowers about flower arrangement skills when participating in workshop activities.

Nguyen Minh Vu, the founder of the above workshop, said that he wants to bring the beauty experience of flowers from basic to advanced to young people in the easiest way. Young people participating are not limited by their ability, but instead are free to create and discover themselves.

Besides flower arrangement, pottery making experience is also an interesting choice every weekend for young people after tiring days of studying and working. No work, no hustle, just nature, clay, turntables, paintbrushes and mud-stained hands, laughter at the weekend’s “ceramic workshop”.

Nhu Thao (living in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), one of the young people spending the weekend to show off their pottery making skills, shared: “I know more interesting things in the process of making pottery, from raw materials to the experience of making a product according to my own characteristics. Seeing the finished product made by myself makes me really excited. I have enjoyed and feel comfortable, relax gently at the weekend”.

It is impossible not to mention the workshops on academics, thinking and career orientation for young people. With the mission of sharing and answering questions about job opportunities for students majoring in Social Sciences in the current 4.0 era, the Faculty of Library – Information Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU-HCMC). Ho Chi Minh City) held a workshop with the topic “What opportunities for students majoring in Social Sciences in the 4.0 era”

Dr. Ngo Thi Huyen, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU-HCM) shared her in-depth understanding of the field of Social Sciences in general and the field of Speaking Informatics. private. She brings to young people interesting information about the great potential of young people who are pursuing a major in Social Sciences.

Young people find joy in workshops - 2

Young people are excited with their homemade ceramic products after the workshop.

After the workshop, Nguyen Thi Cam Thi (first year, majoring in Human Resource Management) shared: “Through the workshop, I learned a lot more about the industry I am studying. There are many different departments such as recruitment department, salary and benefits department, etc. in the Human Resource Management industry. I chose this industry because from the beginning I wanted to work with people rather than working with numbers. Through the workshop, I firmly believe that I have chosen the right industry for me.”

The information accumulated through the regularly held workshop activities, together with the guidance of the faculty’s teachers throughout the learning process, has gradually helped students equip themselves with a solid amount of knowledge about real work. off in the future.

“Participating in these workshops helps young people gain more experience and knowledge in work and life. Not only that, it also creates motivation to help young people find excitement in their choices. self”, Cam Thi confided.

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