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9X shares a simple but delicious home-cooked meal

Modern life and many people have the opinion that if they only stay in the kitchen, they will only suffer later when they get married. Sharing about this, her friend Thu Uyen, 23 years old, living in Hai Duong, said: “2 years ago, I was always told: ‘If you cook at a young age, you will only serve your husband’s family when you are young’. I think it’s normal because many people still worry about cooking and decide to get married. I don’t know how to cook. It can’t be done, but it’s also not enough.

But I always think that cooking is not a subject at all, nor is it a necessary condition. I cook to take care of myself and my family, not to serve anyone.”

Delicious home cooked meals cooked by Thu Uyen.

At first, Uyen’s family also thought that the kitchen was a “normal” thing, so they studied and worked stably, cooked a lot and worked hard. But later on, the whole family understood and listened, proud every time Uyen was published in the newspaper, more people knew. Going to the kitchen is not torture, but is always respected, because above all it is the passion of the young girl.

Uyen also realized that since the day she worked harder in the kitchen, everyone in the family could try many new dishes. Grandparents can eat fried chicken, pizza, eat grilled spring rolls by Uyen’s talent…

9X shares a simple but delicious home-cooked meal, and the view on women's cooking makes everyone nod - Photo 2.

Portrait of young girl Thu Uyen

“Once, he tried the grilled duck sauce that he made, and then praised it as delicious as in the restaurant, very happy! My parents never said what I liked or craved, so I always cooked many dishes that I didn’t have in my hometown, Everyone compliments me that I’m happy, simple as that. Every dish I eat in Hanoi is delicious, I make it at home, let my parents and grandparents try it. I’m not an excellent cook, I only cook at home. As long as the whole family can eat, eating well is enough to be happy. The chef of the family.” – Uyen shared more.

Now Uyen goes to the kitchen in the most comfortable mood. The kitchen is the place where Uyen shines and relieves stress. The kitchen is a passion, a place where young girls share and cook dishes good food for loved ones in the family.

Let’s see the delicious rice trays shared by 9X!

Rice tray - Photo 1.

Menu with dishes such as pumpkin soup with bones, boiled meat, stir-fried potatoes with beef.

Rice tray - Photo 2.

Rice tray with fried chicken, bone-in pumpkin soup, spring rolls and dessert with dragon fruit.

Rice tray - Photo 3.

The highlight of the rice tray is mussel soup eaten with castor cake.

Rice tray - Photo 4.

Pumpkin soup with bones, boiled pork leg and dessert with oranges

Rice tray - Photo 5.

Potato soup, fish cakes and dessert with mango.

Rice tray - Photo 6.

Rice tray with simple dishes but very delicious.

Rice tray - Photo 8.

Homemade barbecue.

Rice tray - Photo 7.

Close-up of pieces of meat that anyone who looks at will fall in love.

Rice tray - Photo 9.

Xoi char siu.

Rice tray - Photo 10.

Super delicious fried chicken.

Rice tray - Photo 11.

Mixed vermicelli for boring days.

Rice tray - Photo 12.

Soy pickled eggs.

Let’s consult together to cook delicious rice trays for the family!

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