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After Covid-19, the man went to the hospital because his ‘little boy’ was shortened

According to doctors, after recovering from Covid-19, in addition to the general health condition, men are also concerned about the effects on physiological function and genital organs.

The patient is a 35-year-old man with a healthy history. He contracted Covid-19 with mild symptoms and recovered. After healing Covid-19, the patient was worried when he saw that the “little penis” was softened and shortened by a few centimeters. This person went to the Hanoi Hospital of Menopause and Infertility for a checkup.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoang Hiep, Specialist of Andrology, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said that there are some cases of patients complaining about the penis shortening after recovering from Covid-19. However, according to the latest studies in the world, there is currently no evidence or mechanism to prove that Covid-19 affects the size of the penis.

In this case, Dr. Hiep analyzed that, when entering the body, the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes a diffuse inflammatory reaction that damages the vascular endothelium, increases permeability, activates scattered coagulation, and disrupts blood flow. microcirculation. It is these things that cause severe damage to the microvessels, especially the microvessels in the penis.

The damage to these microvessels leads to erectile dysfunction, making the patient’s penis not reach enough hardness and normal size, plus anxiety and stress for a long time during treatment and how to treat it. isolation of Covid-19, thereby making the patient feel that his penis is shortened.

Dr. Hoang Hiep recommends that microvascular damage is noted a lot even in asymptomatic cases of Covid-19, so even patients with mild Covid-19 can completely fall into this condition. Erectile dysfunction, accompanied by the feeling of “shorter penis”.

Also according to Dr. Hiep, after recovering from Covid-19, in addition to the sequelae of general health conditions such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, memory impairment, etc., effects on physiological and muscle functions Genital organs are also a problem that many men have.

The sequelae that Covid-19 left behind are related to male physiological problems that greatly affect the quality of daily life. Therefore, when encountering such problems, patients need to go to orthopedic centers soon for examination and treatment, avoiding the fear of making the condition worse.

Similarly, Ths.BS Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of the Office of the Training and Directing Center, Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, also said that in the post-Covid-19 period, many people face pressures from economy to life… all cause stress and anxiety for both men and women. Therefore, husband and wife need to try to share, love and encourage each other a lot.

Sex is the best way to relieve stress, increase immunity, increase resistance, increase connection. Sexual relations require frank and empathetic sharing between husband and wife. Therefore, when problems arise, husband or wife should share with their partner to find solutions to improve.

For patients with reproductive health problems, sexual disorders, it is necessary to consult a doctor for timely treatment. If left for a long time, the problems they face will not be resolved, which will cause mental breakdown, affecting relationships and family happiness.

After contracting Covid-19, men should pay attention to their bodies, especially in sexual matters. If there are symptoms such as fatigue, loss of concentration, lethargy, decreased libido, sexual frigidity, poor erection… let’s change our lifestyle in a healthy direction. That is not smoking, not drinking alcohol, beer, not using stimulants, addictive substances.

You should exercise at least 15-20 minutes/day, do exercises to improve lung ventilation; eat more fruits, fiber; Limit foods high in fat, fast food, fried food, fat, animal organs. If after a period of time the above symptoms do not improve, you should immediately go to an orthopedic clinic for examination. Here, the specialist doctors will, depending on the case, perform a number of evaluation tests such as testosterone hormone, Doppler ultrasound of penile vessels, blood sugar, blood fat, kidney function… suitable.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences have had unprecedentedly powerful impacts at both the macro-society level such as the economy and policy, and the micro-society level as on mental health. and human sexual health.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Sexual health plays an important role in the composition of health. Hopefully, the doctor’s sharing will help you read ways to improve and recover quickly after Covid, especially in terms of sexual health.

Dr. Pham Minh Ngoc (Specialist in Andrology, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility)

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