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Apple will refuse to repair stolen or lost iPhones

Repair technicians will see a pop-up in their internal MobileGenius or GSX systems stating that the device has been stolen/missing. In that case, they will refuse to repair.

The new internal document that MacRumors recently announced is aimed at reducing the number of stolen iPhones that are brought to Apple for repair. In turn, this may prevent sell iPhone stolen.

Is it possible to use a stolen iPhone?

You should protect your iPhone with a passcode (Touch ID/Face ID) as it will render it useless if lost or stolen. Thieves won’t be able to resell it because other people can’t use the handset if the screen is locked.

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However, if a thief can somehow get into your phone and disable the protection, they can reset the device and sell it to someone else.

There is also another way to use a stolen iPhone. Thieves can steal handsets directly from Apple or its partners, or from buyers before they have a chance to activate them. In such case the devices are practically brand new and one can easily activate and use them.

You can report a stolen device to the authorities. These reports are stored in the GSMA Device Registry. It’s an expansive database accessible worldwide that will contain records of all stolen iPhones.

Apple’s New Repair Policy

According to the report, the GSMA Device Registration database will notify Apple stores and third-party repair shops within the Apple Authorized Service Provider chain of iPhones that are eligible for repair. cure or not.

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Apple and its partners will not be able to repair Find My iPhone enabled iPhones. If the customer is unable to disable this function, Apple will not be able to repair the phone.

In addition, Apple will not Unlock iPhone when Activation Lock is enabled. There is a support document detailing the steps you need to take to erase the handset. Among other things, you’ll have to prove you own the device for Apple to help.

It’s unclear when the new iPhone repair policy will go into effect. Those worried that they may have purchased a stolen iPhone from the black market will be able to have their device repaired at third-party stores not affiliated with Apple. But even so, it’s best to try it with Apple or an authorized repair shop. That way, you’ll know if there’s anything confusing your device.

What you can do to protect your iPhone device

If you own an iPhone or plan to buy one, you should always use a PIN that is hard to guess. Also, make sure that Find My iPhone/Activation Lock is enabled on your device. If you lose your handset or someone steals it, your data is still safe.

If you bought an iPhone from someone else, you may want them to provide you with proof of purchase. Alternatively, you can check yourself online to see if the device you want to buy has been stolen or blacklisted.

Finally, if you own a stolen iPhone that needs repair, you’ll have to find alternatives to Apple’s authorized repair services. That exposes you to other risks.

As a general rule, you should go to official repair shops to fix your iPhone or other Apple products. That way, you can be more confident that you’ll get a well-trained technician to do the job.

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