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‘Beautiful years’ – the movie promises to turn the golden hour VTC1

Adapted from the novel of the same name by author Yi Shu, a psychological drama Beautiful years tells the story of a beautiful friendship between two girls, Tuong Nam Ton and Chu Toa. Two people with different personalities and backgrounds, but together experience ups and downs and events in life.

Born into a wealthy family, Chiang Nam Ton was used to the life of a carefree lady, nurturing the dream of becoming a famous architect. In contrast, Chu Toa has a difficult situation, suffers from a lot of regrets, so he thinks very realistically, always looking for opportunities to be free and change his life.

Storms hit, Nam Ton’s family went bankrupt, his father committed suicide, his lover turned his back. A lady like Nam Ton now suffers from debt bondage, while Chu Toa has just entered life and received the shock of being cheated on. Both of them cope with adversity, side by side, overcome stormy days.

'Beautiful years' - the movie promises to turn the golden hour VTC1 - 1

Chu Toa and Chiang Nam Ton depended on each other and shared the burden.

The film makes a strong impression because it does not color life, bares a series of problems that anyone can stumble upon. Viewers easily find themselves in the story of the characters. Despite the stalemate, they still have to move on and tomorrow is unpredictable.

Gentle rhythm, nostalgic water is probably the big plus point of this movie. When the audience is too bored with the modern context, the retro trend is creeping into the inspiration of filmmakers. Therefore Beautiful years becomes a different version, outstanding in the forest of socio-psychological films when bringing us back to the Shanghai scene in the 90s of the 19th century. Classic colors but vivid thanks to fresh content. The film brings a deposition, both as a mirror reflecting the current picture and evoking the whole region of memories, awakening deep human values ​​in the hearts of the audience.

In particular, the debut with the charismatic spirit of the female lead couple Luu Thi Thi – Ni Ni is expected to “crush” the heavyweights who are occupying the golden hour frame recently. If Luu Thi Thi appeared in a gentle and innocent image, Ni Ni transformed into a luxurious and seductive lady. Not to mention, to show the full role, the two little flower girls have carefully invested in appearance and costumes. The designs and accessories from expensive brands represented by the two beauties in the movie will surely make many followers fashion must hunt.

'Beautiful years' - the movie promises to turn the golden hour VTC1 - 2

The charismatic spirit of the couple Ni Ni – Luu Thi Thi.

Movie Beautiful years will debut to Vietnamese audiences from April 4, broadcast at 9 p.m. on channel VTC1.

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