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Civilized men don’t use fists

Will Smith’s actions on the Oscar stage were applauded by many women: a man devoted to his wife. But is that the action of a civilized man?

Civilized men don't use fists
Actor Will Smith directly slapped MC on stage because of an ungrateful joke that touched his wife.

According to the analysis of psychologist Dr. Tran Thanh Nam (University of Education, Hanoi National University), a member of the Vietnam Association of Psychology and Education (VAPE) in an interview, there are many causes from different angles to explain violent acts in society. Maybe because of education, maybe because of increasing social pressure. But if a father is prone to violence, the children can suffer psychological damage and affect their mental health.

Violent behavior can affect mental health. That is, the individual is under health pressure such as being too worried that he can’t control his behavior…

In the case of Will Smith, I do not raise my opinion but am worried that his actions may have a great impact on society. Will the kids who admire Will follow his example? The men clicked their tongues thinking “this famous person even hit people, let alone me?”… Countless situations can happen from just a seemingly small action.

I do not deny that Will defends and protects his wife – who is facing illness. But maybe you don’t know, according to a study by Professor Craig Kennedy, violence brings a sense of satisfaction to people. This satisfaction is no less than sex and drugs! Is it possible that even at the Oscars, amidst the suspense and tension waiting to see if his name was announced, Will Smith also wanted to find some satisfaction? That only he knows best!

In an age where we already have a Charter for a World Without Violence, why do people still use fists to talk to each other? If the moment Will took to the stage was slowed down, would he have thought of a different course of action? Hold on tight to Chris Rock and say: You are so ungrateful, apologize to my wife. Grab Chris’s mic to share with the audience what Jada Pinkett Smith is going through. Or simply “talking”: Thank you Chris for being so caring and understanding about my wife… Everything will be much lighter and more poignant, Will.

In fact, despite the existence of a charter, despite the calls of sociologists to stop violence, it still exists every hour of the day in the world around us. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand if violence erupts when there is a conflict. Even people who seem gentle and patient are sometimes “slow-explosive bombs”, which explode at any time, more powerful than those who have a temper.

The more mature people are, the less they like to move their hands and feet. The immature person “blood feeds the hands and feet”. Smart people think when doing things, think about the consequences. Foolish people can do it, the consequences will be calculated later…

The 53-year-old man Will Smith has been skillful all his life, suddenly turning into a fool?

Thai Thu Danh Chau(Da Nang City)

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