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From April 1, “unfriendly” customers who refuse to pay rubles will have their contracts terminated

RIA Novosti and Sputnik’s radio station Russia reported, today (March 31), Russian President Vladimir Putin officially signed a decree on gas trading with “unfriendly countries”, which requires these countries to pay Russia in rubles.

President Putin emphasized: To be able to buy gas from Russia, Western countries are forced to open accounts at Russian banks.

At the same time, Putin also emphasized that if these countries refuse to pay in rubles, Russia will “freeze” their existing gas purchase contracts.

This ordinance will take effect from tomorrow (April 1).

“We are providing our customers with a clear and transparent plan,” Putin said. “In order to buy Russian natural gas, they must open a checking account in rubles at Russian banks; and they will process the main order payment from these accounts starting tomorrow, 1 /4”.

The Russian leader emphasized that the country will continue to fulfill its gas supply obligations with the volume and price according to the contract signed with the customer. However, payment in Russian rubles is not a matter of negotiation, Putin said.

“Nobody sells anything for free, and we’re not going to give it to charity. This means existing contracts will have to stop if [khách hàng] do not pay in rubles. If they do not pay in rubles, we will consider them to have failed to fulfill the obligations of the buyer and they will have to bear the consequences,” the Russian leader emphasized.

Last week, President Putin ordered the Central Bank of Russia and government ministries to find ways to convert gas payments into rubles for countries considered “unfriendly” by Russia. “.

The G7 and the EU have opposed Russia’s plan and vowed not to pay.


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