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Globe Newswire: Bright future for blockchain technology in Vietnam

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According to Globe Newswire, many Vietnamese businesses attended the Vietnam Blockchain Expoverse, held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates – UAE) on March 27. This event is an opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts and companies in the field to share experiences and perspectives on the vision, potential, challenges and technological applications of blockchain.

At Vietnam Blockchain Expoverse, Ms. Gwendolyn Regina – Investment Director of BNB Chain Fund – said that Binance Chain (the blockchain project initiated by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance) has grown rapidly in 2021. Blockchain technology has been widely adopted, especially for Defi (decentralized finance – a form of finance based on blockchain). According to Ms. Regina’s forecast, the intersection of Defi, GameFi (video game projects with financial elements), and NFT (unique digital assets) will appear in the next 5 years. . In addition, tokens will be long-term assets of value in the future, rather than just currencies or means of exchange. Token is currently known as a digital asset that is issued and operated on a blockchain platform of available projects without owning its own blockchain.

Meanwhile, James Wo – CEO of Digital Finance Group (DFG) – predicts blockchain technology will be even more popular in the future, with the market expanding 10 times. The number of users will be as many as the number of Internet users.

According to Lynn Hoang – Head of Binance Southeast Asia, Binance is also making efforts to promote the development of blockchain technology in Vietnam. She also expressed her expectation that Vietnam will be known for its sustainable blockchain ecosystem in the future. Vietnam will soon become a pioneer in this industry on a global scale. Vietnam is in the top 10 on Binance for ambitious blockchain projects and products that attract attention from the world community.

Speaking at Vietnam Blockchain Expoverse, Mr. Tran Dinh – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AlphaTrue, a Vietnamese company specializing in blockchain products – affirmed: “Vietnam has abundant human and technological resources and a community major blockchain coin”. According to him, Vietnam has obvious advantages to become a potential land for blockchain projects, such as diverse choices, low costs and project scalability. However, he also acknowledged that there are many big challenges ahead, such as human resources, infrastructure and policies. Therefore, Vietnamese blockchain businesses urgently need the help and support of the government and large corporations.

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