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“Grandma’s neighbor” noun makes many streamers in the game village “troubled .”

Besides “Selling distant brothers, buying close neighbors”, the character “neighborhood lady” has always been something that makes a part of the community feel embarrassed. In particular, the information transmitted through this “force” is difficult to ensure authenticity. And that’s why many streamer fell into a state of turmoil because of false information!

Rumored by neighbors to be a minor because of revealing clothes

As one of the quite famous female streamers in the dance area in Douyu, Yi Se Fei is loved by many people thanks to her outstanding appearance and sexy body as a flight attendant. Due to the nature of her professional attire, she is often talked about by her neighbors about her work, personal life, and even personality.

On a broadcast, the beautiful female streamer revealed her personal life to her followers: “Because I’m a dance streamer, my everyday clothes are pretty lackluster. Recently, I was broadcasting, when someone called down to receive the goods, the old people and housewives sitting in the yard pointed and whispered to each other, saying: ‘All day long in the house, dress up. goods, probably as a mistress or have a babysitter’. I don’t even know how to explain it to them.”

The noun

In addition to complaining, Yi Se Fei added that she knew that in this profession, she had to withstand the bad comments of outsiders. But she also wants people to understand that she went through a very difficult time to be where she is today.

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Rumored by the neighbors that they were dating, the sexy female streamer suddenly announced that she did not need to contact men

Female streamer Da Art Jia had to leave her hometown to set up a career, she said, many people have bad thoughts about beautiful girls when they bring money back to their hometown. Those people think that women leave their homeland, go to big cities to start a business and bring back money, probably doing illegal jobs or dating rich people only. And Da Art Jia is no exception.

Every time she returns to her hometown, hearing the rumors of her neighbors, the female streamer is bored with the underdeveloped, old-fashioned countryside. And she often chooses to be silent because she doesn’t want to argue. However, the female streamer insists, this is not a shameful profession: “Conversely, if I told other people that I have over a million followers on the Douyu livestream, they would definitely be super jealous!” – female streamer proudly affirms.


To close on this topic, Da Art Jia takes herself as an example: “I used to work at a bar in Shanghai. I don’t know how many men I’ve met, but they all wanted to take me home and serve them. Now that I’m a streamer, I don’t have to deal with that type of person anymore. To put it bluntly, this is the pinnacle of my life!”

Xemesis and her husband were rumored to have family disagreements, quarreled so much that they broke the glass of the apartment

A certain “neighbor” of the couple once spread news about the ongoing quarrel in the male streamer’s family. Accordingly, when a room in the Landmark 81 apartment building suddenly broke glass and fell on the households below, many social media accounts immediately reported: “I heard that it’s Xemesis’s root, it seems like there’s something in the argument that I don’t understand.”

Unknowingly seeing a comment about rumors of family discord, Mango Non immediately corrected it on his Instagram: “Oh my god, what is it, my house is in building L3, where is it L81. L81 is the husband’s brother and sister’s house, why quarrel anymore”.


Of course, the couple, no matter how they feel, cannot avoid quarrels, the beautiful hot girl also honestly shared that: “Every time my husband and I argue, we talk back and forth and then go into the room, not banging on the door and shouting. It’s too famous.” She also revealed that, if she raised her voice, it was only that she used to curse at Coco (the pet dog) for peeing.

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