High-speed train businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa

High-speed train businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 1.
High-speed train businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 2.

“My name is Hai, Song Hai, I don’t know if it’s fate, but my name makes me feel that I love the sea more than others.”

Starting the story of his journey to the sea from the name, Mr. Hai said that he had been attached to ships from a very early age. When he was still a high school student, his father – a navy soldier, used to take him to Bach Dang wharf to get acquainted with ships and tell a lot about them. “I find it very interesting, when we don’t say it, the symbols on each ship say it all. Everyone has a dream of traveling and since then I have fallen in love with the sea.”

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Love the sea and dream of traveling, but for many reasons when entering university, Mr. Hai chose to major in engines at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Then, after graduating from college, with his professional qualifications, he started working for the world’s leading shipping lines, being exposed to modern large ships. Dreaming of traveling far away then resurrected once more. “When traveling on ships to the sea, the sea is very beautiful! I want to bring the sea back to everyone, I want my friends and relatives to see those images, it gives me strong emotions and a the urge to bring in new modern shipbuilding technologies”.

Speedboat businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 4.

And the opportunity came, in the early 2000s, when the hydrofoils expired, Mr. Hai and his friends contributed capital to start building high-speed boats, gradually reaching out to sea from near to far islands. He said, “Perhaps I am more fortunate than my friends to also be able to reach my dream, from a dream I finally made it come true, I am very grateful to my friends, partners, agencies. maritime functions, the port authorities have supported me”.

Recalling the context at that time, he said that when he entered the field of ship machinery and equipment, it was also the time when the US began to lift the embargo against Vietnam, the big companies of the US and European companies. they turned around, looking for capable partners. “At first, we just thought it was a warranty and repair center for them, when I did a good job, followed the law, had good facilities and was trained, the opportunity came and brought me great satisfaction. develop”.

Speedboat businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 5.

Talking about his field of activity, Mr. Hai did not hesitate to say that this is really a narrow industry, providing engines and propulsion systems, cargo equipment for ships, such as patrol boats, ships. Ferries, speedboats require very high standards, customers are not many, the competition in the world is very fierce, so it requires any business to be selective, careful, thorough, and equipped. software, factories, how can there be means of remote control, inspection, … “From there, we have to try to meet the best scientific and technical standards, ready to work day and night at any time. The requirements of partners can be met immediately. In this field we are very proud of the job that chose us and we also chose this job.”

Speedboat businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 6.

Always thinking that work is like a charm and love of the sea creates great inspiration in his business activities, Mr. Tran Song Hai said that what he is most proud of in sea-related industries is his sincerity. close to the ships. Even though they are two unfamiliar ships, they still signal each other when they meet each other. ‘I am like that, what ship are you, very innocent and cheerful’!

However, it is because of being attached to the sea for many years on high-speed ships, carrying many delegations in and out of the seas that he is always concerned about, our sea and islands still have many challenges, big waves, big winds. People go to the sea on ships swaying the price of a train ticket is only 30% of the world price. So businesses have to struggle with the difficulty of how to produce ships at reasonable prices, meeting safety standards. “When we are on a train and passengers are grimacing, seasick, uncomfortable, that’s when we feel it hurt, prompting us to wish for bigger, safer ships.”

Speedboat businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 8.

Mr. Hai said that our marine tourism economy is very potential. In our waters, there are many types of ships such as military ships, law enforcement ships, militia ships, etc., but we still lack a very civilian means of passenger ships. “We can bring guests out to Truong Sa and Hoang Sa to see our sea and islands. We should have that drastic measure, and businesses must dare to do it, not only fishermen. I can also do it for a while. I will always look forward to having the opportunity to invest again to invite everyone to go to the sea.”

Speedboat businessman with aspiration to reach Truong Sa - Photo 9.

Talking about his field, in addition to building and developing high-quality fleets of high-speed boats, serving people to the sea, Mr. Hai also said that there should be more ideas for us to go to the sea and get rich at sea. . “If we are crowded together on the shore of expensive infrastructure land, should we take a broader view, use the sea to have infrastructure. This is something worth studying, making beneficial regulatory policies. for the whole people and find capable businesses to develop our marine economy,” said Mr. Song Hai passionately.

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