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‘I don’t have much to say’

On the evening of March 30, Chris Rock had a performance at The Wilbur, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This is the first night of the male comedian after the incident at the Oscars. The male comedian stepped onto the stage in a white suit with enthusiastic cheers from the audience. He was sympathized by many people after being slapped by Will Smith on live television.

Chris Rock speaks out about being slapped: 'I don't have much to say' - 1

Chris Rock first spoke out about the incident with Will Smith at the Oscars 2022.

After some applause, Chris Rock mentioned the incident: “How was your weekend? I don’t have much to say about what happened, so if you’re coming just to hear that, I have a whole script that I’ve written before the end of this week. I’m still thinking about what happened. So I’ll talk about it sometime. And it’s going to be serious and funny.”

On March 29, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the number of tickets for Chris Rock’s comedy shows increased dramatically after the incident at Oscar 2022. Mike Silveira – a representative of the ticketing unit shared: “About 48 hours after the Oscars, the number of requests to buy tickets to comedy shows increased sharply. In the past, audiences only booked seats for Rock shows about one to two days in advance. Average daily ticket sales increased 25 times. compared with the previous month”.

The cumulative sales over the past 2 days are more than the total for Rock’s tour for the entire month of March. In addition, the average ticket price sold has increased from 150-200 USD/ticket to about 250 USD/ticket. According to Variety, currently, the lowest fare for Chris Rock’s show is $46 per ticket, but for sold-out shows, when tickets are resold on public ticketing sites, the minimum fare is It was increased to more than 340 USD/ticket. A representative of a ticketing site shared with Variety that they are selling a lot of tickets to see Chris Rock perform the comedy. They had never seen Chris Rock’s appeal so high at this stage before.

Chris Rock speaks out about being slapped: 'I don't have much to say' - 2

On the morning of March 29, the actor “King Richard” publicly apologized to Rock on his personal page. “I want to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I lost control and acted wrong. I’m ashamed that it doesn’t represent the man I want to be. There is no place for violence in the world of love and compassion.” Will wrote.

Will Smith also apologized to the Academy for his behavior in his acceptance speech as well as in the letter on his personal page. However, Academy leadership is outraged that Will Smith’s actions have “overshadowed” the celebration of the film industry community and will issue appropriate punishment for this behavior of the actor. actor.

The Academy held an emergency meeting to discuss the incident. Will Smith now faces disciplinary action for violating the Institute’s Standards of Conduct such as “suspension, expulsion or other permissible sanctions”.

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