Lady has dozens of holes in her body after injecting liposuction

With the desire to have a slim body, the female patient went to a local spa for beauty treatment.

On the afternoon of March 31, TS.BS Nguyen Phan Tu Dung said that he had just received and examined a case of a very serious cosmetic accident. Female patient 38 years old living in Binh Phuoc province came to visit with a lot of injuries.

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The places on the patient’s body after injecting the lipolysis needle are infected and necrotic

According to the patient, about 4 months ago, she went to a spa in Bu Dop district, Binh Phuoc province for beauty treatment. Here, she was advised by spa staff to inject fat to help her arms and abdomen become slimmer.

The patient agreed to perform lipolysis injection technique (unknown type) on the advice of spa staff. However, after the injection, the body starts to appear red, painful swelling at the injection site.

The patient went to the spa to check and was given antibiotics. However, the wound only reduces swelling and infection when using antibiotics, and when the drug is gone, it will recur.

The female patient went to a local private medical facility for treatment and the doctor performed surgery to treat the abscesses but could not completely handle the infection and necrosis.

Faced with increasingly serious body injuries, the female patient went to Ho Chi Minh City to seek help from a doctor.

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Despite having undergone many surgeries, the infection and abscess on the patient’s body still recurred

After examining, Dr. Tu Dung said, the abscesses on the patient’s body are caused by some substances that have been banned for use in cosmetology but are being advertised by spas or cosmetic establishments operating illegally. and used to melt fat.

The patient has about 30 abscesses, concentrated mainly in the arms and abdomen. The abscesses were operated on, but due to the deep damage, they could not be completely treated.

As expected, Dr. Tu Dung will perform surgery to thoroughly handle the patient’s abscesses and actively treat them to prevent the risk of recurrent infections.

At the beginning of March 2022, Dr. Tu Dung and his colleagues also received and performed surgery for a female patient from Dak Nong province, living in Cambodia who suffered very serious injuries in the abdomen with many abscesses.

After surgically removing more than 500ml of pus, the doctor helped the patient overcome the risk of systemic infection.

From the above cases, doctors warn the community to be especially vigilant when traveling beautify. In order to limit possible risks, people with beauty needs need to find reputable establishments with full operating licenses in accordance with the law.

Absolutely do not inject any substance into the body if the substance has not been licensed by the Ministry of Health. The community should not perform invasive techniques at spas.

According to Tien Phong

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