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Never try a guy’s heart, because try and lose!

It is possible that, in a relationship, a woman will always feel more insecure than a man. So she will use many different ways to prove her partner’s love for her. But love is not something that can be put to the test, using it to test itself is an act of affirming that you no longer trust the relationship.

Don't test the other's feelings with temptations, because maybe the ending won't be the same as you imagined - Photo 1.

I have a beautiful, talented girlfriend, her name is Jingjing. Her boyfriend is also a very nice guy. He was her first love, but she was his third. So this relationship to Jingjing is very important. She was once a haughty girl, but after being with her boyfriend, she no longer saw the shadow of her arrogance before, but became a little girl who always needed love and protection.

This is probably natural when you meet the right person. A woman will shed all her pride and be ready to stand behind her boyfriend. Jingjing’s boyfriend also treats her well. I thought they could be happy forever but somehow, her boyfriend’s attitude became increasingly cold.

Jingjing didn’t know how to deal with this situation. So she showed even more interest in her boyfriend. Unable to accept this kind of indifference, Jingjing started to take the initiative and even began to blame her boyfriend for his recent attitude and actions. She asked her boyfriend if he loved her, at first, he explained to Jingjing that work is very busy these days, please understand and forgive him. He will make up for it after the work passes this stage. However, thinking that it was just a lie, Jingjing’s pride rose, she immediately said goodbye and deleted his account.

Don't test the other's feelings with temptations, because maybe the ending won't be the same as you imagined - Photo 2.

During the time of the cold war, Jingjing came up with an idea to test his boyfriend’s love. She has set up another social network account, set her avatar as a beautiful girl image after careful selection. At first, the boyfriend ignored that account, but after three busy days, he also agreed to make friends and began to talk about his feelings, that he was really busy, but his girlfriend thought that he fell out of love and wanted to break up. She repeated it so many times that he assumed it was true. I don’t know if this feeling is right, but this relationship suddenly becomes a burden when there is an unsympathetic girlfriend.

After a few days of using a fake account to talk to his lover, he realized that he was gradually falling in love with a freshness that was far from the childish girlfriend of this account owner. Jingjing was really angry, he knocked on his boyfriend’s door and asked if he was already in love with someone else. Receiving an answer that was silence, she could only bitterly exclaim: “I love xxx (fake username)? Haha, that’s still me! We officially broke up!”

Love is inherently irresistible, and testing love in itself is a form of disrespect, distrust of each other’s feelings, and a way to destroy relationships. Women always want to prove something, by challenging them they can prove that their partner loves them and that they are important. As the example above, women often challenge men, even, some people will find another woman to try their boyfriend, but the end result is often not satisfactory. They have been beaten down by their own doubts and insecurity.

Don't test the other's feelings with temptations, because maybe the ending won't be the same as you imagined - Photo 3.

So don’t try to test a man’s love for you, because a man who really loves you doesn’t need you to try hard at all, they find a way for you to feel love. mine.

If you are not confident, try to become better yourself. If you are afraid of the other person’s change of heart, you should learn to be independent in the relationship. In fact, life is inherently exhausting, if you have to go through feelings of doubt every day because of your lack of confidence and always question a relationship, that in itself is a kind of trouble. This will also make men more easily bored.


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