Paying homage to her mother-in-law, 2 weeks later, she’s still the same

Unable to bear it anymore, I brought a bag of durians to ask my mother-in-law.

Right from the first days of playing, mother-in-law didn’t like me. She said that her talented son must marry a girl of the same level to match. And I’m a market girl who doesn’t deserve to step foot in her house.

No matter how she prevents us, our love is going well. Proof that we had a happy wedding.

Not wanting to see the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law contradict each other, so right after the wedding, my husband bought a house of his own. We currently have 2 obedient children in primary school.

For the past 9 years, even though my mother-in-law doesn’t like my daughter-in-law, I still try to treat her well with the hope that one day she will respect me. However, the mother-in-law’s attitude is still indifferent to rejecting her daughter-in-law.

My mother-in-law did not accept my gifts, but only received what my husband or children gave me. At that time, I was so frustrated, I just wished I never stepped foot in that house again.

Mother-in-law's sick daughter-in-law brought durian to give, shocking attitude-1

Last month, my mother-in-law was ill and had to be hospitalized. I took a leave of absence to take care of her. It was also an opportunity for mother and daughter to understand each other better.

However, the day I entered the hospital, she sent me home, saying that a cousin had come to take care of me. That’s right, her mother-in-law has a lot of money, so she can’t hire anyone to serve her, she doesn’t need a daughter-in-law like me.

The day she was discharged from the hospital, I was still happy to visit. I know she likes to eat durian the most, so I bought it and brought it. However, 2 weeks later, she returned to visit her mother-in-law. I was startled to see that the durian was still in the original place I left it, which was on the kitchen floor.

I’m sorry to be dumbfounded, the durian fruit is so delicious that my mother left it in the bag, moldy. At this point, I couldn’t hold back the warm feelings in my heart, brought a bag of decomposing durian and asked my mother-in-law: “What have you done to make me hate you so much? Is it true that you and your wife are divorced?“.

She coldly turned her face away, did not answer me a word. And I left with two tears, really helpless. I don’t know how to get my mother-in-law to admit that I am the daughter-in-law in the family?

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