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“Phu Ba” Khanh My wears a branded bikini, showing off her body like a “living doll”-Beauty

Thursday, March 31, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Khanh My has been actively exercising and eating scientifically to change her physique.

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Khanh My is a famous model in Vbiz about beauty and wealth.

Khanh My (born in 1991) is a model and actress who is well known for her beautiful face and fiery body. In addition to artistic activities, the beauty is also mentioned as a “rich woman” when she owns a “terrible” fortune, especially she built a building named after herself in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently, after a long time of “silent silence”, Khanh My suddenly captivated fans’ hearts when showing off her perfect figure every millimeter in a branded swimsuit. Specifically, she wears a pink one-piece bikini from Fendi. The professional styling has helped Khanh My show off her eye-catching curves – this is also the effort after a long time of tireless practice of the beauty.

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Every time she wears a sexy outfit to show off her body, Khanh My makes it hard for fans to take their eyes off.

It is known that Khanh My is a follower of yoga and gym. She has been with yoga for nearly 10 years, but the gym is considered by her as the great passion of her life. Thanks to the gym, Khanh My has “shaped” the standard body index: 88-59-103 (cm) and became one of the beauties with the most impressive body in Vbiz. On her personal page, she is also excited to share exercises and hard-working moments at the gym to get in shape.

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Khanh My always builds a training regimen, combines with healthy eating to keep her figure “thousands of people love”.

Khanh My said that if she is not busy or has other work schedules, she can spend all 7 days a week working out in the gym. She focuses on exercises for the 2nd round and lower body. “Women are very important to the waist and butt, not only the bust. To get the current 3rd measurement, I have to lift weights, go to the gym, swim, jog, participate in cycling classes, climb mountains… “.

Besides gym, she also practices yoga in parallel to make her body more soft and supple. Khanh My also used to show off to get a waistline of 59, she used an additional “weapon hidden under the belly”, which is a latex belt. “If you don’t practice much, you can wear it all day, except when eating and after eating for 1.2 hours, then continue to wear it, not when eating and after eating,” the beauty added.

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In addition to the gym, she also actively uses many other effective beauty secrets.

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Possessing a beautiful and slim body at the top of Vbiz, Khanh My is very confident when wearing a bikini to show off her figure.

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With a height of 1.71 m and an expensive curve, Khanh My always shines in every outfit.

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