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Quiz: Which driver is the prison escape thief?

Please observe the picture to find suspicious points, thereby deducing who is being hunted by the police.

Question 1: A dangerous thief has just escaped from prison. He found a new car and clothes on the run. The police checked the surveillance cameras, determined his direction, and blocked the path of three suspicious vehicles.

The first driver was an artist, carrying a music record, concert tickets, phone, car keys and wallet. The second driver was a doctor, carrying a first aid kit, car keys, a soccer ball and a wallet. The third driver is a fitness trainer, carrying a sports bag, some dumbbells and a water bottle.

Who is the prison escape?

Quiz: Which driver is the prison escape thief?


Verse 2: When it rained, thieves took advantage of John’s family coming home late to break in and steal many valuable properties. The police questioned three suspicious neighbors.

The first said that he stayed at home all day, he lived alone and worked remotely. The second person worked at a restaurant, had to work overtime, so he was away all day. The third person said he was sick, just staying at home to sleep.

Who is the thief?

- first


Question 3: Police received a report that someone was calling for help in the locked house. When they broke open the door, police found a man tied to a chair. The victim said, the thief sneaked into the house last night, was discovered, so he tied him up, took all the jewelry in the closet. This morning, he saw the postman stuffing newspapers through the gap in the door, so he quickly called for help and asked the police to call the police.

However, the police believe that the man is making up a story. Why?

- 2


Question 4: Policewoman Alice is tasked with infiltrating a criminal organization. She is equipped with a sophisticated bug-shaped eavesdropping device. One day, the criminal group began to suspect the news was leaked. They thoroughly checked Alice’s bag and clothes but found nothing.

Where did the female police officer hide the device?

- 3


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