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Regardless of the trend, Irene has remained faithful to the same style of pants for many years

Back to Feel My Rhythm With many new achievements, Red Velvet has proven its strong charm after 8 years of debut. Over a long period of time, many things have changed, but Irene’s love for low-rise pants remains the same. In the photos taken at work, she still regularly appears with this style of pants no matter how hot the trend of high-waisted pants or recently the low-rise waist is.

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If Irene didn’t reduce it but put on sophisticated clothes like the sisters, combined with her gorgeous beauty, it would make people overwhelmed. Not only faithful to the style of low-rise pants, Irene also maintains a simple way of mixing clothes with stylish tops, jeans and high heels.

More specifically, Irene is very fond of low-rise skinny jeans. In her, she does not have eye-catching physical advantages such as long legs, wide hips or a full butt, but she has a point in balance and harmony. Irene’s legs are not long but slim, her upper and lower thighs are proportionate, her hips are also fit, so she always wears these pants beautifully

Rarely do people see a fourth item on Irene’s outfit, except for the shirt, pants, and shoes. According to the formula we often hear, a simple item will serve as a background to coordinate with other sophisticated items. Irene doesn’t do that here, the pants are simple and the shirt is also the most basic style, maybe she chooses a popular color from time to time, so it’s a little different.

Knitted sweaters, T-shirts and shirts are three models that Irene uses alternately. For Irene, her beauty is too outstanding, so it doesn’t matter much if she dresses up like embroidered flowers on brocade.

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