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“So everyone likes to go because of this?”

Referring to Hoi An in general and Hoi An ancient town in particular, perhaps the impression of most people will be an extremely peaceful destination. From the scenery to the people, everything in Hoi An is very idyllic, creating a picture that makes anyone coming here want to be immersed by the peaceful beauty here. Sometimes, just a brief moment in Hoi An is enough to make many people feel fluttered by this rustic beauty. Typically, recently, a clip recording a small corner of Hoi An ancient town has made many netizens excited, just wanting to come here to enjoy this peaceful look right away.

This clip was posted on social networks with the content: “Peace. Under the flowers in front of the porch. I also want to grow old with you.”

Just a moment and a few seconds in Hoi An but made many people flutter: “So everyone likes to go because of this?”

In the clip is an image of an old man reading a newspaper, next to an old woman watching her phone. On the head, the confetti blooms with pink purple flowers, swaying in the gentle breeze. The golden wall is imprinted with time, exuding the rustic charm of Hoi An ancient town.

This is a very familiar scene and can be found anywhere in Hoi An ancient town. It is this peace and happiness from the scene of grandparents resting and reading newspapers together that make everyone engrossed. A trait of this extremely peaceful happiness, who does not expect.

That’s how Hoi An, no matter what, still gives people a very peaceful feeling. Therefore, in your life, definitely come here to admire at least once!

Source: TikTok @reviewhoian2022 la-vi-die-nay-u-20220331173318545.chn

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