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Solar storm hits Earth at 3 million km/h

The storm formed from a sunspot on the Sun’s surface pointing directly towards Earth, creating auroras in many states in the US.

A coronal eruption from the Sun.  Photo: NASA

A coronal eruption from the Sun. Photo: NASA

The two coronal eruptions will merge and shoot towards Earth at 3,027,599 km/h. When they crash into Earth’s magnetic field on the night of March 30, the result will be a Category G3 geomagnetic storm, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). American family. Hurricane G3 is a powerful geomagnetic storm that can produce auroras in southern states like Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Oregon.

Sunspot with number AR2975 spewed out streams of charged particles since March 28. Sunspots are areas on the Sun’s surface where a strong magnetic field created by a stream of charged particles twists into a knot before rupturing, releasing energy to form bursts of radiation called flares. Sun or coronal eruption (CME). Fusion occurs when a fast-moving eruption passes a previous eruption in the same region of space and sucks up the charged particle. The second CME merged with the first CME before crashing into the Earth’s magnetic field at around 11am on March 31, Hanoi time.

CME usually takes 15-18 hours to reach Earth, according to SWPC. When colliding with them, the Earth’s magnetic field will be compressed by waves of highly charged particles, affecting the magnetic field lines and excite molecules in the air, releasing energy in the form of light and creating polar poles. glow in the night sky.

Energy from the storm will be absorbed by the Earth’s magnetic field, but large solar storms still have the potential to cause damage. Hurricane G3 can disrupt satellite navigation and problems with low-frequency radio waves. A recent storm in February this year caused 40 of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites to fall back to Earth.

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