Thai Cong spoke again

Previously, Thai Cong also caused a stir when he revealed that one of his Louis Vuitton suitcases was expensive.

In addition to owning interior design contracts that shock the internet, Grand Duke He is also the owner of many statements that cause people to dissect. Recently, this designer posted a clip of a Louis Vuitton suitcase that attracted the attention of netizens.

Thai Cong made a harsh statement about the use of branded suitcases of 1.5 billion-1
Thai Cong owns a lot of Louis Vuitton suitcases

Specifically, Thai Cong told the story of receiving a question about the suitcase coming from a luxury brand but without wheels.

Answering this question, the designer explained: “A lot of people wonder if this suitcase has no wheels. I don’t need wheels because someone has already carried it for me. If you want to travel with a Louis Vuitton suitcase like this, you must have someone to pick you up and carry it for you.

At what stage in life we ​​can no longer carry suitcases, we can use these Louis Vuitton suitcases. That’s what you call splendor.”

Thai Cong made a harsh statement about using branded suitcases 1.5 billion-2
Hotel staff carry suitcases to the car for Thai Cong

Of course, the value of each suitcase coming from this luxury brand is not cheap at all. Previously, Thai Cong introduced the most favorite suitcase in his Louis Vuitton collection for 67,000 USD (ie about 1.53 billion VND at the current exchange rate).

Thai Cong makes a tense statement about using branded suitcases of 1.5 billion-3
There are billions in this photo!

In the comments section, many people agreed with Thai Cong’s point of view about carrying suitcases:

– The last sentence is true to the truth in life.

If I want people to carry my suitcase, I have to have a lot of money.

– Watch these videos to try to achieve financial freedom or at least enjoy it.

– It sounds scary, but it’s also true.

– Success is when you don’t have to carry your own suitcase.

In addition, many people are also curious about how much tip Thai Cong gives to employees, some even joking that it looks like a 50,000 VND bill.

However, this image was taken from a recent trip to Thailand, so the tip is Thai money. With such a brown color, some people think that this is a bill with a face value of 1,000 baht, which is about 685k.

Thai Cong makes a harsh statement about using branded suitcases 1.5 billion-4
Thai Cong gives tips to the people who carry the luggage for him

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