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The beauty teacher is like a billion billion fairy, dressed up “chop guillotine” proudly 3 years has not worn the same clothes

“One word is also a teacher, half a word is also a teacher” – That is the truth for all students on the first day of class. No matter how teachers teach, they always leave a little mark in the hearts of students. It could be that Miss A teaches too slowly, Teacher B is strict but cares about students…

There is also another impressive style, which is the teacher’s work outfit. Different from other working environments, teachers always have to dress neatly and neatly to set an example for students. Everyone thinks teachers will have a “boring” style of dressing, but the teacher below will give you a completely different look!

A teacher in China has caused a fever on social media Weibo with a beauty like a “billionaire fairy”, accompanied by an album of dress styles “wearing a suit every day”. Famous for never wearing the same outfit, the teacher mixed the clothes in a gentle and elegant style that made everyone fall in love.

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Elegant, cute style like a student, who wouldn’t want to learn from her

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Super youthful style of Chinese teachers

Looking at the way she wears it, right for her age, it also creates a feeling of closeness and friendliness with students. With a well-proportioned figure, her color scheme is also super stable. If the shirt is white, then the shoes must also match the white color. If you wear a brown dress, your shoes and accessories will also match the color. I don’t know if she’s teaching or doing fashion shows anymore.

And the most impressive thing is that during that time, this teacher went to teach but did not wear any clothes! Although the saying “3 years have not been the same” is a bit too much, but it can be said that this teacher has a very diverse wardrobe.

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Below the article, many students also shared their joy about their teacher. Many students were also surprised by the teacher’s wardrobe, every day when they went to teach, they saw the teacher changing into new clothes.

-Why can’t you teach our history school, you can wear it all month well when you don’t have the same outfit

– Counting dew, 8 bags, 2 long skirts, several sweaters, 4 shirts, 2 jumpsuits, 7 pairs of doll shoes, 1 pair of sports, 4 jeans (2 flared 2 legs) ), jackets of all kinds

– How about my 12th grade homeroom teacher. She goes to class every day to remind her, but she has never seen her old clothes worn again. Mist 400 – 500 sets, not less. Looking at her very powerful in real life, everyone told her to teach just for the sake of passion.

– Back in high school, there was a teacher who specialized in wearing ao dai. For a few months, she did not match her outfit, so the whole class gave her the nickname “ao dai princess”. It is true that she teaches because of her passion, but her salary can’t buy fabric anymore.

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