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The couple has a hot action in the photo booth, all revealed because of the two’s feet-Young man

Thursday, March 31, 2022 10:13 AM (GMT+7)

Most are angry with the actions of the couple, some even suspect they have psychological problems.

Recently, a clip recording the “hot eyes” action of a couple in public is making the online community seething. It is known that the incident happened at the Arndale Center shopping center, in the city of Mancheste (England).

Accordingly, a person accidentally witnessed the scene where the couple seemed to be having “sex” in the photo booth. Meanwhile, this area is a private place, there is a curtain outside, but it does not cover it all, but exposes the legs, so it is clear that the girl’s feet do not touch the ground and move up and down, the pants are also lying down. underground.

The couple had hot eyes in the photo booth, all revealed because of their legs - 1

Image cut from clip.

The clip also shows a few observant people noticing something unusual in the other photo booth. Someone finally reported the incident to the security guard. Subsequent footage shows a security guard approaching the photo booth where the couple is located. However, he did not directly rush inside, but just stood outside to remind them in a historical way so that they could quickly change their clothes.

The couple were then seen holding hands as they left the photo booth, laughing as if nothing had happened, while the security guard continued to follow them.

After the clip was shared, it quickly attracted 2 million views from the online community. Most viewers were angry and hurt their eyes with the sensitive actions of the couple, some even suspected they had psychological problems, deliberately wanted to attract attention to be famous.

Immediately after the incident was widely spread, the reporter contacted the Arndale Center shopping center to find out the incident but did not receive a response. The clip is still receiving mixed reviews from the public.

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