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The scene was traveling when I met an airplane in the opposite direction

Sitting on an airplane to go somewhere, many people must have a hobby of looking at the sky, watching the scenery below through the window of the plane. Whatever you say, from an above perspective, we can catch a lot of interesting images. Sometimes it’s white clouds, the sky is blue, sometimes it’s the same mountains that are narrowed in sight. And sometimes there are rare scenes, like seeing a plane flying in the opposite direction like this.

The scene when they met the plane in the opposite direction surprised viewers by this 1 detail

Many netizens quickly realized an interesting detail, that is, the plane is flying in the opposite direction at extremely fast speed, looking like it’s flying away.

– Is that guy late or why is he running so fast?

– The other one launched like a rocket.

– Sitting on the plane, it seems to be flying slowly, but watching the opposite plane fly like a rocket.

However, in reality, this is only due to our perspective. When sitting on an airplane, it feels like going very slowly but in fact the speed is very fast. Along with that, the fact that the two planes are going in opposite directions as shown in the clip above makes us feel that the speed of the opposite plane is as fast as a rocket.

Besides, some other netizens also admired this rare sight. Many people admit that even though they have been on a plane many times, they have never seen a plane going in the opposite direction.

Source: TikTok @huyvca

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