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US prosecutes Chinese citizen suspected of being ‘fox-hunting agents’

New York prosecutors accused Sun Haiying of assisting the Chinese government in tracking down defectors in the US during the “Fox Hunting” operation.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan federal court on March 30, New York prosecutors accused Sun Haiying, aka Sun Hoi Ying, 53, of working for the Chinese government during the campaign. “Fox Hunting” and “Sky Net” from 2017 to 2022.

Sun is said to have gathered information on “flawers” in the US and sought to pressure them to return to China to plead guilty or settle with the government. Prosecutors allege that he hired private detectives to collect information on 12 people “whom Sun identified as Chinese criminals”, and then passed the information on to Beijing.

The Chinese suspect was extradited from Indonesia in June 2015.  Photo: Xinhua.

The Chinese suspect was extradited from Indonesia in June 2015. Photo: Xinhua.

Sun even asked a local law enforcement officer in the US to arrange a meeting with a target. Sun told the person the Chinese government would take retaliatory measures if they didn’t accept the settlement.

Prosecutor Damian Williams accused China of launching a “global campaign” to force the return of “defectors”, including citizens legally living in the US, by means he described as “simple”. illegal and illegal”.

“We allege Mr. Sun, as part of that campaign, sought to intimidate and coerce the victim into doing China’s will, even taking advantage of his accomplices who were members of law enforcement. in the United States to make victims feel they have no choice but to comply with the request of the Chinese government,” Williams said in a statement.

With these charges, Sun could face up to 15 years in prison in the US. However, the New York prosecutor’s office said Sun had returned to China.

China affirmed that the “Fox Hunt” and “Sky Net” campaigns, which were launched from 2014-2015, were part of an anti-corruption campaign, and confirmed the hunt for those who had committed illegal actions. fleeing abroad is a “righteous act”. Beijing believes that about 18,000 officials have fled the country over the past 20 years, bringing with them about $129 billion in corruption.

Hong Hanh (According to NY Post)

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