3 weak points men have when having an affair, knowing that they will never be broken

Adultery is like a game, and in this game they always reveal certain weaknesses.

For men, adultery is a dangerous game. When secretly “eating clumsy”, men will feel amused and happy with the pleasure brought by adultery.

At the same time, he will also try to adjust his attitude and behavior so that the “clumsy” story lasts without being detected.

However, “if you go at night, you will meet ghosts one day”, adulterers also reveal certain weaknesses. Women who know these weaknesses will find it easier to solve problems.

Weakness #1: Economy

In fact, one of the reasons why men don’t want to get divorced after cheating is to divide their assets.

At this time, men are very afraid of career decline, having to restart their career when their age is no longer young. They are even more afraid of having to do everything from scratch.

More than anyone, men understand that the third person is not worth it for him to trade his career, family, wife and children.

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So when it comes to divorce, no man agrees.

The truth has proven that many men cheat, but not many people can throw away their wives and children.

Do not think that men cheating is taking risks, not thinking about the consequences. In fact, they also calculated and considered a lot of issues when deciding to “eat clumsy”.

Weakness #2: Fear of losing image

Before the affair, he could be a good leader and a good employee, responsible at work. At home, he is a good earner, a good husband and father.

These good images help him to have a smooth, happy life. If this image deteriorates, his future will be greatly affected as well.

Therefore, even if they don’t say it, men are very afraid of losing their original good image. Of course, they also know the consequences of having an affair and then being discovered. However, for many reasons men still do bad things to their wives and children.

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Weakness 3: Fear of children getting hurt

In everyone’s perception, we always feel that a woman always has deep affection for her children.

But really, so are men. The thing is that they are not good at expressing their feelings. The affair has really hurt many people.

Adultery breaks the family. When parents divorce, the most disadvantaged are the children. Not only that, many wives also seek revenge when their husbands cheat.

This not only embarrasses the husband, but also affects the children. Therefore, when having an affair, men are also very afraid of their children being hurt.

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