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3 words of parents that hurt children

Parents are the first teachers of their children. Therefore, each parent’s words and actions have a great influence on the child’s perception and personality. However, in fact, there are many parents, although they love their children very much, but say very cold words, causing great harm to their children.

Ms. Ly has an only son, so everything good in this world she wants for her son. Naturally, her expectations for her son were also high. Her son is good at school, but his achievements are not in the top. This made her feel very frustrated and often insinuated compared with the children in the neighborhood.

Every time her son’s test score lost to the neighbor’s, Ms. Ly wondered why the two children were in the same class and in the same place, but her son always fell behind. Each time she put her hopes up for her son’s tests, then was sadly disappointed. Every day, she makes more and more strict requirements for her children. She thinks that only that will make her son more focused on his studies.

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However, what Ms. Lee did backfired. Her son’s midterm exam results were still not up to her mother’s expectations. During the parent-teacher conference, the teacher discussed privately about how her son often loses focus at school. This is probably the reason why the boy’s score is steadily dropping.

This time, the neighbor’s son ranked first in the class, and the teacher advised the two families living near to let the two children often go to the house to exchange learning experiences with each other.

After returning home, seeing her son sitting on the desk, Ms. Ly could not help but scolded: “I don’t understand how you learn to lose to the neighbor. I regret giving birth so much“.

When she finished saying these words, Ms. Li slammed the door and walked out, her son in the room couldn’t help but burst into tears. As time passed, although the mother and daughter made up, her son’s personality had great changes. Whether at home or at school, the boy is very self-deprecating, shy, and does not get along with others. Even when talking to his mother, the boy was always shy, often saying sorry to his mother.

The 3 most painful words parents often say to their children

Most parents have at least once in their lives told their children one of these three statements. However, they do not pay attention to the consequences it causes for their children.

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1. “You’re Stupid”

Children always need the affirmation of their parents in order for them to grow up in a positive way. If parents often call their children stupid, they will increasingly deny their own abilities and have no motivation to try.

This labeling causes the child to have many disadvantages in learning and social interaction later on. Children will always doubt they can’t do it and tend to hide when problems arise.

Moreover, no child can act normal when his parents scold him for being so stupid all day.

2. “I regret giving birth to you”

This statement is really lethal, causing indelible hurt in a child’s mind. Children will doubt their existence, feel that their presence is something that should not happen in their parents’ lives, thereby giving rise to negative thoughts about life.

In addition, some children are very afraid of being abandoned by their parents, afraid that no one will love them anymore. This insecurity makes them attach great importance to the expectations and requirements of their parents, despite doing everything to make them happy. If all else fails, fear and anxiety can overwhelm the child.

3. “I don’t want to raise you anymore”

Perhaps this is a saying many parents say when their children do something that makes them extremely angry, especially in times when children are too naughty. Although after hearing the mother say that, the children will not play anymore, but from then on they start to worry more.

The fact that parents often say this sentence makes children doubt their parents’ love for them. They tend to be sensitive and excessive self-esteem.

Every action and word of parents affects the growth of a child. There are sayings that, once said, can never be taken back and it will leave indelible wounds in children’s minds. cha-me-lai-noi-ra-mot-cach-than-nhien-2022033110443591.chn

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