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5 bad habits that destroy your phone

Nowadays, it seems that smartphones become obsolete after just a few months. It is possible that your own bad habits are gradually making broken phone yours over time.

Here are a few things to avoid.

1. Buy a cheap charger and don’t take good care of it

Let’s start with how you can destroy your phone: cheap, unbranded charging cables. Those are the no-name USB cables you find cheap on the street corner.

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Many of these cables can permanently damage your device – or worse, put you at risk of fire or electric shock. The short-term savings aren’t worth much. So you should charger of a famous brand.

Then, once you have quality cables, handle them carefully. If you overuse them, you can cause the internal wires to fray, and in itself a fire hazard.

2. Do not use protective case

How many people do you know with cracked or broken screens? We all thought it wouldn’t happen to us… until it did. You may prefer the neater look of a phone. However, even small chips and cracks can damage the structural integrity of a device and make it more likely to fail on a larger scale. Not only that, those small chips and cracks can destroy the resale value of your phone when you want to upgrade to a new model.

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So keep your phone in a case! It’s best to use a good case and a sturdy screen protector. Brands like Silk, Spigen, Speck, and OtterBox are trusted brands to start with when it comes to protecting your phone.

3. Draining phone battery too often

Phone batteries degrade over time; After a few years, the maximum battery life will not be as high as when the device was new. These are inevitable, but bad habits can speed up that degradation and kill your device’s battery sooner.

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To avoid this, you should do it regularly, draining and recharging your phone before it crashes. Don’t worry about charging the device overnight. Just try to keep the battery above 30% or higher, let it discharge from time to time to calibrate the sensors and you will keep the battery healthy for as long as possible.

4. Too many underwater selfies

There is no such thing as a truly “waterproof” device, despite what some advertisements may say. Some devices may be more water resistant than others, but there is always a chance that water can get inside and the more you expose your device to water, the more you degrade its resistance. equipment. So even if your device is IP67 or IP68 rated, limit direct exposure to water. Exposure to water may not immediately damage your phone, but over time and repeated exposure your handset can end up in trouble.

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5. Failure to implement security well

The “security” patches that pop up on your phone may seem boring and non-urgent, but they can protect your device from malware and other serious problems. Don’t leave them. Make sure your apps are up to date as well as they will often have the same bug fixes and security updates to keep you safe.

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