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Actor Quoc Khanh smiles in the arms of singer Thu Huong

Quoc Khanh – the actor who plays Ngoc Hoang in Tao Quan came to congratulate Sao Mai Le Viet Anh and Thu Huong to organize a liveshow to celebrate 15 years of friendship.

Two singers have won Sao Mai Award Le Viet Anh and Thu Huong just held a liveshow to celebrate 15 years of friendship with the theme Every moment we belong to each other. The live show is also Le Viet Anh’s idea for the male singer to have the opportunity to blow out candles and celebrate Thu Huong’s birthday on stage.

A beautiful, small but sold-out live show made the two singers more energetic and enthusiastic about the profession as well as continuing to maintain a rare and beautiful friendship in Vietnamese showbiz.

Liveshow includes 18 songs, music edited by musician Duong Truong Giang.

Singer Viet Anh shared: “I have a close friend who is a girl but like a boy. We’ve met for nearly 15 years and also experienced ups and downs in this relationship.”

“I remember the first days we met at Hanoi College of Art, my friend was really something very desirable to me. I took the exam for the 3rd time to get into the school with the lowest score in the class, and Huong had singing achievements that not everyone could do at that time.I was very excited when Huong sang. Grass and Rainsecretly thought that she could never understand singing and stage skills like a friend.

And then when I became friends through playing and getting to know Mr. Ha (a lovely brother who studied with my teacher but passed away), I felt that there was a “crazy not light” between the two. Having the same hobbies as eating, taking pictures, having fun and especially always burning with music”, singer Le Viet Anh shared lovingly about her close girlfriend.

Le Viet Anh said that there are times when it seems like they don’t play together anymore because of childish misunderstandings. But also because of their predestined relationship, they have deepened their bond in recent years.

Meritorious Artist Quoc Khanh, artist Xuan Nghia and many friends in the world came to congratulate the two artists’ concerts. Actor Quoc Khanh rarely appears at showbiz events and this time is a special occasion for him because he appreciates the singing voice and the love of singer Thu Huong – Viet Anh for him.

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