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Bus plunged into a cliff in Brazil, dozens of people were injured

Quynh Chi (According to The Star, 24 Happenings)Friday, April 1, 2022 12:55 GMT+7

The scene of the bus crash into the ravine. (Photo: 277Newsbulletin)

According to a report by the Brazilian Federal Highway Police, the accident happened before midnight in the city of Sapopema, in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil.

The bus crashed while carrying 30 workers from many regions to the factory of Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter, in the city of Campos Gerais. The vehicle was carrying outsourced workers from various parts of the country, according to Brazilian press. these workers left Minas Gerais (Southeastern Brazil) to work at the factory in the state of Paraná.

The bus plunged into the cliff in Brazil, dozens of people were injured - Photo 1.

The area where the accident happened. (Photo: West Observer)

Preliminary information indicates that the driver lost control, possibly due to heavy rain at the time of the accident. The bus driver lost control on a sharp turn on the road, one lane in each direction, causing the bus to overturn to the left, fall onto the road and plunge into precipice.

Rescuers were able to evacuate victims in heavy rain. The report said that seven people were killed at the scene of the accident, while three others died on the way to the hospital in the area. In addition to the dead, local police reported that 21 people were injured, but did not give details about the health status of the victims.

Brazilian authorities have opened an investigation into the cause of the incident bus accident.

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