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Busy tour abroad

Recorded at the International Tourism Fair – VITM 2022 opening on March 31, some businesses said that there were delegations of guests to Dubai, Thailand, the US, Cambodia, Australia… and continued to expand the market. travel abroad next time.

A series of overseas tours are being held Business Travel incentives at the 2022 International Tourism Fair. Tourists are tending to choose destinations with clear policies, close flight routes and safe epidemic control.

“Thailand is one of the places that tourists look forward to coming back the most, next to Singapore. Singapore reopened completely from April 1, so it is also chosen by tourists,” said Mr. Bui Thanh Tu – Director. Marketing Director of BestPrice travel agency said.

Bustling tour abroad - Photo 1.

A group of tourists traveled to Thailand after Vietnam officially reopened for tourism. Photo: Labor

Mr. Lee Jae Hoon – Head of Representative Office of the Korea National Administration of Tourism in Vietnam said: “In 2019, the number of Vietnamese tourists to Korea was more than 550,000. In contrast, the return from Korea to Vietnam reached 550,000 arrivals. more than 4.3 million arrivals. Therefore, we think that after tourism reopens, I think the number of visitors between the two countries will increase by at least 20%.”

Not only tours with close distance, but also itineraries to the Americas, Dubai … are equally bustling, when many countries have relaxed epidemic prevention measures, opening their doors to welcome visitors. However, the tour price is somewhat higher from 10-20% compared to before.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic occurred, each year Vietnam had about 10 million people traveling abroad. As of March 17, Vietnam has reached an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccine passports with 17 countries. Vietnamese tourists can easily travel to these countries.

As for countries and territories that have not yet recognized Vietnam’s vaccine passports, tourists can still visit as long as they fully meet all conditions and policies.

“Hot” domestic tour market “Hot” domestic tour market – The domestic tourism market is having many positives when it sees a sudden increase in bookings and air tickets for the Hung Kings Anniversary holiday and the holiday from April 30 to May 1.

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