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Customers run out of money, lazy to drink, Hanoi beer shops race to close

Mr. Dam Tu, 36 years old (Cau Giay, Hanoi) affirmed: Going to drink beer now costs more money than before, so many people do not go to the pub to drink beer because of the expensive price and low income.

“Three people going to drink beer now spend about 500,000 – 700,000 VND, about 100,000 VND higher than before the epidemic. That’s not to mention the drinks are also completely reduced compared to before the epidemic, sometimes only half, not as full as before.”Mr. Tu said.

Goods are expensive, while Mr. Tu’s income is still being cut by 30% because the company is affected by COVID-19, his wife is unemployed at home. Therefore, to save money for the family, instead of 5 drinking sessions a week as before, now he only goes to the bar 1-2 times, sometimes even “ignoring” the habit of drinking beer when craving.

Customers run out of money, lazy to drink, Hanoi beer shops race to close - 1

Customers are no longer interested in the beer shop as before.

As for Mr. Tuan Linh (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) after a long time eating and drinking at home because the beer shop is not open, it has become a habit now, when the beer shop reopens, he is not as eager to go to the shop as before.

Drink at home, food is guaranteed, delicious and most importantly, inexpensive. It’s true that there is more atmosphere in the store, and it is served to the “root of the tooth”, but the price is getting more and more expensive. With the dizzying price increase of many items today, just one drink in the restaurant can cost a few days’ salary. If you still drink outside the bar like before, you will soon lose a whole month’s salary. This may have been okay in the past, but in difficult economic times, making money is increasingly difficult, it is impossible not to compare and calculate.”Mr. Linh said.

Anh Quoc Hoan, (38 years old, from Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) also said he has a hobby of drinking beer. Before the epidemic, he often gathered with friends outside the restaurant, but after a long time struggling to earn money due to the impact of the epidemic, he had to give up this habit to tighten spending.

Hoan also expressed concern when the epidemic was still complicated:Going out to the beer hall is not as safe as before, so every time I want to go, I have to be careful. F0 now is not isolated, has few symptoms, it is inevitable that they still go to the beer shop to drink with everyone. Many people drink from the same cup, if not cleaned properly, do not know what happens. Therefore, I and many friends are more afraid to go to the pub to drink beer than before“.

Customers are lazy to drink, beer shops are closed in series

The mood of “afraid” to go to the beer shop of customers is the reason why many beer shops in Hanoi cannot stand, having to close after being allowed to operate again for a while.

Typically, Mr. Lam’s beer shop is in Linh Dam (Hoang Mai), although it has been in business for more than 5 years with a certain number of regular customers. But after trying to survive the epidemic season, Mr. Lam still had to sadly close the shop because he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Mr. Lam said, since the Lunar New Year until now, the shop still has customers, but the number of tables booked has decreased. Meanwhile, the burden of space rent, electricity and water costs, and staff salaries is huge. After careful calculation, he was forced to liquidate and return the premises to find another way to do business.

Confided to PV VTC News, most of the beer shop owners in Hanoi complained that when they reopened after the epidemic, the number of customers coming to the bar decreased significantly. Many shops are not even half as good as before the epidemic, although these days the weather is hot, suitable for drinking beer.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, owner of a beer shop on Nguyen Van Loc Street (Ha Dong, Hanoi) said: “On Friday and Saturday nights, my shop only welcomes 3-4 guests. For the rest, I see more people ordering beer to be delivered to their home. If this situation doesn’t improve, I’ll probably have to find another livelihood, less capital intensive“.

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Many beer shops were forced to close because they could not stand. (Photo: VNN)

Mr. Duong Duy Nhat, 69 years old, Lan Chin beer brand confided: “In 34 years in the beer restaurant business, this is the time that I find the most horrifying. Currently, the stores are operating normally as before the epidemic, but the number of customers is only 3/10 compared to before.

Not only the number of visitors decreased, but the customer’s spending also decreased. Guests are all regular customers, friendly like family, every man honestly says he has no money. For example, if a man is very addicted, before he drank 10, now he only drinks 4“.

There are no customers, but it’s even more difficult that the price continuously escalates to dizzying. “Everything goes up in price, rising from the chili pepper, but we can’t increase the price. The brewery just increased the price, so after a long time, I decided to increase the price by 1,000 VND/cup of beer”, complained the owner of this restaurant chain.

According to Mr. Nhat, the temporary closure to prevent the spread of the disease is scary for the catering business, but not as scary as being open without customers. Temporarily closed, they also receive support from parties from space leasing to suppliers. Once you open a business, you will no longer receive support, but without customers, only the country will close.

Mr. Do Doan, owner of Hai Hoi draft beer chain, said that the most difficult thing to push many beer shops to the point of closure is customers and customer spending. “The customer was empty, but even more worrying was that the customer ordered very few items. Almost every table has only a plate of surf beans, a plate of boiled peanuts, only a few tens of thousands of dong, how can you do business?‘, Doan sighed.

Meanwhile, a representative of Hai Xom beer restaurant chain said that the number of customers at this chain has only recovered by about 40% compared to the time before the epidemic, while revenue has not recovered accordingly because customer spending is less than before.

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