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Detecting dead female student in a hanging position

On the evening of April 1, information from the leader of the Education and Training Department of Bac Ninh city said that NKV (a student of grade 8 at Dai Phuc Secondary School, Bac Ninh City) was found dead by his family. Hanged.

According to initial information, before the incident, V. left a suicide note and a diary page saying “I’m going away”, so people speculated that she had signs of depression.

From March 29, V. has been absent from school to self-study to prepare for the second semester’s exam, stay at home and not go to school (due to the midterm exam of the 9th grade).

A source said, V. admitted his fault and said that he did it by himself, please don’t feel sorry.

The school said that V. has good academic performance, but in class, he is also a quiet person, rarely exchanges information with friends, does not show any abnormality.

Immediately after receiving the report, the City Police Department. Bac Ninh has coordinated to verify and investigate the cause.

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