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Girl lost her life after a suicide challenge with her boyfriend

Seeing that her boyfriend confirmed that he would commit suicide with her, Ng. picked up a bottle of Javel bleach to drink and died shortly after.

This afternoon (April 1), the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened an appellate trial against defendant Nguyen Mau Hai Nam (25 years old, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) on the charge of “inciting or helping others commit suicide.” at the request of the victim’s family.

Previously, at the first instance trial, Nam was sentenced to 1 year in prison by the District 7 People’s Court, but given a suspended sentence. Disagreeing with the crime and sentence announced by the Court, the victim’s father, Mr. Trinh Nhat Thinh, made an appeal, proposing to change the accused’s crime to “Murder”. At the same time, it is proposed to consider the role of the accused’s father, Mr. Nguyen Mau Anh.

In addition, Mr. Thinh also appealed that the District 7 Police had falsified the case file.

Previously, at the first-instance hearing, Mr. Thinh proposed to try the defendant Nam for “Rape”, in the case of causing the victim to die or commit suicide.

Girl lost her life after a suicide challenge with her boyfriend
Defendant Nguyen Mau Hai Nam. Photo: Thanh Phuong

According to the first-instance judgment, Nam and Trinh Le Minh Ng. have a relationship with each other. Around 7:30 a.m. on December 30, 2018, Mr. to Nam’s house to talk. At this time, the two argued about Ng. Return the envelope inside with 3 bills of 500 thousand dong.

When he went to Nam’s room, the defendant threw the desk on Ng’s body. Still angry, Nam used his hand to strangle his girlfriend, making Ng. hit his head against the wall.

The two then challenged each other to commit suicide. Nam immediately ran to get a bottle of bleach Javel brought to Ng. Sit down and open the lid. At this point Ng. said, “Do you believe me to drink?” Then Nam replied, “If you dare to drink, I dare to drink.”

Listening to his boyfriend, Ng. Picking up a bottle of Javel to drink, Nam also drank, but he choked and vomited.

See Ng. collapsed on the corner of the bed, his mouth spilled a lot of brown fluid, so he helped his girlfriend up and took the bottle of Javel to continue drinking, at this time Mr. Mau Anh returned, so Nam ran to open the door and took the car away.

When he entered the house, Mr. Mau Anh saw Ng’s mouth. foaming at the mouth, so he called an ambulance to take him to the emergency room. However, the victim died before reaching the hospital.

At the first instance hearing as well as the appellate session today, the defendant sincerely confessed his crime and expressed regret at the death of his girlfriend.

Entering the argument, the representative of the Procuracy asked the jury to return the case file because the conclusion of the forensic examination had many contradictions and had not been clarified.

Based on the documents and evidence and the defendant’s testimony at the appellate court, it was found that the defendant took a bottle of Javel bleach for the victim to drink, and the defendant’s actions created material conditions for the victim. . take his own life. Although the victim and the defendant had an argument before, the defendant did not say or act to provoke the victim to drink Javel bleach.

Consider appeals and additional appeals of the representative of the victim. Pursuant to the conclusion of forensic examination; Based on the official letter of explanation, the forensic center did not perform autopsies, so it was not possible to determine whether the external injuries were caused by the victim’s struggles due to dying, or by coercion or previous injuries. Injuries to the neck and face are caused by corrosive substances.

At the court hearing today, the coroner explained that the injuries on the body were caused by the victim drinking Javel. Therefore, there is not enough basis to determine that the defendant used force to coerce the victim.

For the additional appeal requesting consideration of Mr. Nguyen Mau Anh’s behavior related to the case, the Trial Panel said that this was Mr. Thinh’s subjective thoughts, there was no documentary evidence, proving that Mr. the act of using force against Ms. Ng.

Regarding the complaint about the fact that the District 7 Police Department falsified the case file, the jury found this to be a subjective thought. At the first instance stage, the District 7 Police made a decision to settle Mr. Thinh’s complaints and denunciations, and at the same time, the District 7 People’s Procuracy did not accept his denunciation.

From the above arguments, the trial panel rejected the victim’s appeal and upheld the first-instance criminal judgment.

For the above reasons, it was decided not to accept the appeal of the victim’s representative and upheld the first-instance criminal judgment.

Thanh Phuong

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