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Ha Tang shows off her cute dancing daughter all over Da Lat

Ha Tang Everyone knows it’s hot, but the children of the “Pearl Nu” house also make fans admire by their excellent looks and talent at a very young age. One of them is Chloe Nguyen – Ha Tang’s 5-year-old daughter – Louis Nguyen.

In the past few days, Ha Tang is on a trip to the city of thousands of flowers with her family. Also during this outing, Ha Tang’s daughter was broadcast by her mother. Although only a few short seconds and did not reveal his face, but the grandson of billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen also made many people stir because of revealing this feature. Although only 5 years old, but Chloe Nguyen has “extreme” long legs. Not only that, Ha Tang is also proud of her young daughter many times, but she knows how to help her mother with housework as well as good English ability.

Clip: The daughter of the Ha Tang family goes to Dalat, revealing a great feature

Only 5 years old, but daughter Chloe Nguyen has a remarkable height

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Ha Tang has revealed many times that the child likes to help her mother with housework. Not only that, the daughter is also fluent in English, loves to draw and read books

Until now, Ha Tang has rarely shared Chloe Nguyen’s appearance on social networks

Billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen's grandson dances cutely around Da Lat, looking closely, he sees a great feature just like his mother - Photo 6.

The happy home of Ha Tang and her husband Louis Nguyen after a decade in the same house

Photo: Character Instagram pham-het-nhu-me-20220401115822526.chn

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