Hanoi approves Duong river urban planning

The Hanoi People’s Committee has just approved the Duong River urban planning with a scale of more than 1,150 hectares, the maximum population by 2030 is over 8,000.

According to Decision 1046 signed by Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh, Duong river urban subdivision is limited from Bac Cau bridge to Phu Dong bridge. The North and the Northeast are bordered by the dyke on the left bank of the Duong River and the urban subdivision N9 (in the districts of Dong Anh, Gia Lam); The South and Southwest borders on the right bank of Duong river (in Long Bien district); The West borders Bac Cau Bridge and the Red River urban subdivision; The South and Southeast borders on urban subdivision N10 and Phu Dong bridge.

Location and research scale of Duong river urban zoning planning.  Graphics: Tien Thanh

Location and research scale of Duong river urban zoning planning. Graphics: Carried into

Duong river urban area is oriented to supplement planning for the central landscape of the North of the Red River, where the focal works of waterways, ecological corridors and protective trees are located. This is also an area with a land fund to develop both sides of the river in the direction of ecological trees, combining tourism, preserving and maintaining the natural landscape, creating a face for urban subdivisions. Hanoi also sets a goal of combining renovation and embellishment, reconstruction of existing residential villages, preservation of valuable monuments and architectures.

Existing residential areas that are maintained and protected include Dong Tru village, Dong Hoi commune and Phuc Tho village, Mai Lam commune, Dong Anh district. This area will be renovated and built new works according to the construction and land use planning. A part of the riverbank will be allocated for resettlement of households scattered near the area and not exceeding 5% of the existing residential area.

Areas in riverbanks of Dong Ngan, Yen Vien, Thuong Thanh and Ngoc Thuy communes and wards will be gradually relocated. The city requested the district to review and develop plans and roadmaps for population relocation in narrow riverbed areas, which are at risk of unsafety in the event of a major flood (according to the flood prevention and control planning and dyke planning) and Households are located within the dyke protection area, which is subject to dangerous landslides.

Duong Bridge - the bridge over the Duong River on the old National Highway 1A.  Photo: Ngoc Thanh

Duong Bridge – the bridge over the Duong River on the old National Highway 1A. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

The traffic network in the Duong river subdivision plan is determined in accordance with the existing plans. The radial national railway line Yen Vien – Ngoc Hoi and Duong bridge will be removed and replaced by urban railway line 1 and new Duong bridge according to the railway network planning period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. Crossing the planning scope, there are two urban railway lines, including line 1 through the new Duong bridge and line 4 through Dong Tru bridge.

Roads with urban highways ring 3 through Phu Dong bridge (6 lanes); urban trunk roads such as road 5 extending through Dong Tru bridge, Ngo Gia Tu – Ha Huy Tap road crossing Duong bridge by new roads, Vinh Tuy – Ninh Hiep road through newly built Duong Ha bridge, trunk roads along the Red River across the bridge bridge also built new…

The City People’s Committee assigned the local government to closely manage the corridor to protect dykes, riverbanks and floating beaches, to prevent encroachment and violations, especially after forming roads in riverbanks as planned. The government needs a solution to manage existing concentrated residential areas to exist and protect; not to add to the number of zones, areas and households outside the riverbank.

With the approval of Duong River urban subdivision planning, Hanoi has completed all 35 planning projects, covering 100% of urban subdivision planning in the area. This will be an important basis for the city to build and develop a civilized and modern city in the future.

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