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Hanoi plans to take the 10th grade exam for public high schools on June 18 and 19, 2022

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The Department of Education and Training will hold a joint exam on class 10 for all schools public high school with 3 exams including: Math, Literature and Foreign Language. In which, the math and literature exams are in the form of essays; foreign language test in the form of multiple choice. The exam consists of questions according to the standard requirements of knowledge and skills of the current lower secondary program of the Ministry of Education and Training, mainly in the 9th grade program.

Admission test score = (Math test score + Literature test score) x 2 + Foreign language test score + Priority score (Test scores are calculated on a scale of 10.0).

The exam is expected to be held on June 18 and 19, 2022. Specifically, on the morning of June 18, literature exam (120 minutes); afternoon of June 18, foreign language exam (60 minutes); June 19 morning, math exam (120 minutes).

For public high schools, the enrollment area is divided according to the administrative boundaries of districts, towns and cities. The city has 12 enrollment zones. Chu Van An High School and Son Tay High School are allowed to enroll students in grade 10 without majors across the city (regardless of the enrollment area).

Each student is allowed to apply for admission to a maximum of 3 public high schools, ranked in the order of wish 1, wish 2 and wish 3. In which, wish 1 and wish 2 must belong to enrollment area according to regulations, aspiration 3 can belong to any enrollment area. Students are not allowed to change their wish to apply after they have registered.

About the expected enrollment time: Successful students confirm their admission to the school online or in person from July 10, 2022 to July 12, 2022; submit admission documents at high schools and high schools for additional admission to meet the quota (if any) from July 19, 2022 to July 22, 2022.

From the school year 2022-2023, students from grade 10 will implement the 2018 High School Education Program under the General Education Program.

Students who have been matriculated into a public high school must study stably at all levels at that high school. Special cases arise during the study process that require transfer of schools, must be approved by the Director of the Department of Education and Training.

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