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Hanoi students take the 10th grade exam on the 18th

The tentative exam schedule is as follows:

Hanoi students take the 10th grade exam on June 18 - 20 - 1

The admission score is equal to the total score of Literature, Math multiplied by 2 plus the score of Foreign Language. Test scores are calculated on a 10-point scale. The school recruits students who have registered to enter the school, taking them from high scores down to the end of the quota.

The school only considers candidates who complete the exam as prescribed, do not violate the exam regulations to the point of canceling the test, and there is no test score of 0.

This year, Hanoi is expected to have about 129,000 9th graders considering graduating from secondary school (an increase of about 19,000 students compared to the 2020-2021 school year). Of these, 60% of students will go to a public high school, 21% to a non-public high school, 10% to a vocational education center – continuing education, 9% to learn a job.

Thus, it is expected that the admission target for high schools is 104,000 students (an increase of 14,000 students compared to the previous school year). In which, public schools recruited about 77,000 targets (an increase of 10,000 students), non-public schools recruited 27,000 targets (an increase of 4,000 students).

This year, Hanoi is still Admissions by area for public schools, divided by administrative boundaries of districts, towns. The city has 12 enrollment zones.

Chu Van An High School and Son Tay High School are allowed to recruit students in grade 10 for non-specialized students across the city (without dividing enrollment areas).

Each candidate is allowed to apply for admission to a maximum of 3 public schools, ranked in order, in which wish 1, wish 2 must enter the school in the enrollment area, wish 3 can be in the enrollment area at any time. period. Students are not allowed to change their wishes after applying for admission.

Students who pass the 1st wish will not be considered for the rest of the aspirations. Students who do not pass the 1st choice will be considered for the 2nd choice but must have at least one point higher than the school’s 1st choice of admission.

When lowering the standard score, the school is allowed to accept students with desire 2, desire 3, and are eligible for admission.

With special schools, students can register for specialized classes of 2 out of 4 Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Nguyen Hue High School for the Gifted, Chu Van An High School, and Son Tay High School.

Candidates compete in 3 subjects of Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages ​​and specialized subjects. The admission score is equal to the total score of the compulsory exam (factor 1) plus the score of the specialized exam (factor 2). Tests must have a score of 2 or more.

It is expected that successful students will confirm their admission (online or face-to-face) from July 10-12, and apply for admission from July 19-22.

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