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“How to recruit sales associates?”

Profit in business is something that everyone wants. And one of the things that can make your products sell more is to recruit collaborators. But for the best, Shark Hung’s answer will surprise you.

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Recently, Shark Hung gave an answer to the problem: “How does a collaborator sell well? Which way should I choose. Method 1 – Fix the price and earn commission on the order. Method 2 – Note that the brand sells the net price CTV sells for a profit”.

Accordingly, Shark Hung said: “Depending on the product. If we make a label and distribute it in a chain, it is imperative to fix the selling price to ensure a healthy competition between one point of sale and another, without breaking the system. our official.

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But if you only produce goods without labels or even goods of unknown origin such as hometown specialties, such products can be sold at net prices, you can earn. Where are those sellers, they even put their own labels on them, and sell them for whatever price they want.”

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Well known in the program “Shark Tank Vietnam”, Shark Hung appreciates innovative and innovative startups. In addition, he also gives affection to young people who are passionate and enthusiastic with creative – unique – strange – attractive nature. Shark Hung will choose startups with products that make their own mark; or the application of renewing an old product with a unique idea, no one has done it before. gu-20220401173528276.chn

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