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How to ripen fruit without drugs and distinguish ripe fruit

How to ripen fruit without drugs and distinguish ripe fruit - Photo 1.

Paper bags: All fruit contains ethylene gas and will release gas during the ripening process, so place unripe fruit in a paper bag, tying the top of the bag a little loosely so that the ethylene gas cannot escape. This gas will make the fruit ripen faster. You should keep the bag dry, out of direct sunlight, at room temperature for best results.

Cotton: You wrap fruit such as peaches, plums, or other soft-skinned fruits in a clean, soft cotton towel or linen cloth. If the cloth towel is not large enough, you can put a towel on the bottom, turn the stem of the fruit down and then cover with another layer of towel until the fruit is soft, fragrant and ready to eat. .

Using rice: All types of rice can hold ethylene gas very well. In order for the fruit to ripen evenly and quickly, you need to bury the fruit deeply in the rice. This method should only be applied to completely green fruits, or you want to eat them the next day.

Use ripe apples or bananas: These two fruits release more ethylene than other fruits, so they promote the ripening of the fruits of the same bag. To ripen the fruit, put ripe apples or bananas in a paper bag/plastic bag for fruit, tie the bag tightly and leave it overnight. The next morning, your bag of fruit will be ripe.

Use incense smoke: Fruit when exposed to incense smoke (incense) regularly for a certain period of time will promote the production of ethylene quickly. You can put the incense burner in a large container or pot, put green fruit in it and then cover it. When the incense is completely burned, take it out, keep it in a container and just wait for it to ripen to enjoy.

Note: All these methods can be applied to avocado, papaya, banana, sapodilla, melon, mango, peach, pear, plum, pineapple, tomato, custard apple… Apple, blueberry, cherry , grapes, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, watermelons, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines… are best when cooked on the tree, you should store them in the refrigerator before eating, For pickled persimmons, If you want the fruit to ripen quickly, soak it in a basin of cold water.

How to distinguish ripe fruit

To check whether the fruit is really ripe or pressed, you can use some of the following methods..

Butter: For young ripe avocados, when eaten, they will have a bitter taste, ripe avocados will not have a strong aroma and become mushy. Therefore, when choosing avocados, look at the base of the avocado. If the stem is large, it’s young avocado. Choose an avocado with a glossy, slightly rough skin that is firm in your hand. If you squeeze your hand gently, you feel a bit soft but still firm, not creaking. When you click on the stem, if it feels a little soft, it means that the avocado is just ripe and delicious to eat. Do not choose butter that has softened because at that time it has spoiled or lost its rich aroma.

Banana: Bananas have many nutrients, are good for health, are popular with many people, but this is a ripe fruit or fruit that is pressed with medicinal vinegar. When ripe bananas are pressed with chemicals, the body ripens evenly and beautifully, but the stem is still green and the top is still sticky with plastic. When peeled to eat, banana meat is still as raw as eating raw rice. Naturally ripe bananas will not have this phenomenon, the fruits in banana bunches often ripen unevenly.

Oranges: To keep oranges fresh for a long time, many traders inject preservatives. Preserved oranges often have a highly glossy and sticky, dark yellow, patchy, irregular skin. Natural ripe oranges have an even yellow color.

Mango: Mangoes with green or light green skin, ripe yellow inside and no mango taste are often impregnated with many preservatives. Therefore, you should choose mangoes that are soft, ripe and fragrant.

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