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How’s your sister in the future?

The phone usually doesn’t ring because I use social media mainly and can’t find the caller yet.

Sometimes I wonder: This time a year from now, where will I be, where and with whom? Actually, that makes me very curious because I don’t know if fate is looking for me.

Current sister:

– Working hard, eating well, sleeping well, watching movies and some entertainment programs, talking to relatives, traveling with friends… and waiting for the fateful boy that fate arranges (laughs). .

– Born in 1992, “long” 1.53 m, “wide” 46 kg, normal beauty. Daughters of the year of the Monkey are a bit unlucky, a little stubborn and a bit childish with mature people who understand things with elders.

– Is a teacher at a private school in Hanoi, a hometown in the North.

I hope my “fate” is someone who is 1.68 m tall or more (more than 15 cm is very beautiful), a stable job enough to build a home in Hanoi, normal beauty, northern countryside.

Today, my sister is afraid that my “fate” is closer than me, so I can’t find it forever, forcing me to post. So, I hope I won’t be scolded again.

“There is always someone for you, that person will come on the quietest day of your life.”

The younger sister of the future, had to wait for “fate”.

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