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Hung Dung, Quang Hai chosen?

In men’s football at the 31st SEA Games, the U23 teams participating in the tournament were allowed to add 3 overage players. Coach Park Hang Seo and his assistants are researching options, screening people to have the most ideal support plans for the team.

At the 30th SEA Games, the stability of two overage players, Hung Dung and Trong Hoang, made a great contribution to helping Vietnam U22 win the historic gold medal. The two are not only playing stably (Hung Dung is the leader of the midfield, Trong Hoang is aggressive on the right wing), but also the spiritual leader, bringing fighting strength to help U22 Vietnam overcome pressure.

Strengthening U23 Vietnam to attend SEA Games 31: Hung Dung, Quang Hai selected?  - first

Hung Dung played well at SEA Games 30.

With 3 overage players from the national team, Coach Park Hang Seo hopes to fill the current gap in Vietnam’s U23 squad, and at the same time strengthen his professional and mental strength in the context of pressure. The team’s title defense in the SEA Games is huge.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, children U23 Vietnam Currently, there has been no regular professional training in the past 2 years. Performances from struggling at AFC U23 qualifier 2022 coming only at an acceptable level at the 2022 Dubai Cup clearly shows this.

Only when supported by the national team, U23 Vietnam can truly perfect and become a competitive team in the region.

Most likely, Coach Park Hang Seo’s reinforcements are mainly aimed at the midfield and strikers, similar to the 30th SEA Games. The last 3 matches at the Dubai Cup showed that U23 Vietnam, despite defending quite well, The ability to move the ball from defense to attack is relatively diverse, but there is a lack of quality attacking players to make a difference in the final stages.

Strengthening U23 Vietnam to attend SEA Games 31: Hung Dung, Quang Hai selected?  - 2

Hai Long has not shown influence in the midfield of U23 Vietnam.

Huu Thang and Hai Long both have great potential, but not being able to play regularly at the highest level makes this midfield duo difficult.

Attacking is also a problem for coach Park Hang Seo’s team. If at SEA Games 31, U22 Vietnam has a “double-barreled gun” Duc Chinh – Tien Linh, then the U23 team in Vietnam at this time does not have a striker worthy of leading the attack.

Young strikers like Van Dat, Minh Tung, Quoc Viet have not had the opportunity to experience in the V-League, unlike the seniors Tien Linh, Duc Chinh has played at all professional levels before fighting at the 30th SEA Games. .

Therefore, Coach Park Hang Seo can choose Tien Linh for an overage player to solve the scoring problem. With 8 tables in World Cup qualifiers 2022, the player born in 1997 is currently the number 1 striker of Vietnamese football.

Strengthening U23 Vietnam to attend SEA Games 31: Hung Dung, Quang Hai selected?  - 3

Tien Linh scored 8 goals in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

After getting injured and having a 3-month streak of only scoring 2 goals in the World Cup and AFF Cup qualifiers, Tien Linh is also eager to prove herself. Rich experience with regional rivals will help strikers on the payroll Binh Duong Club became the top threat to every defense at SEA Games 31.

In midfield, it is possible that Coach Park Hang Seo believes in Hung Dung. Not only proving his professional influence, but Hung Dung also showed his leadership qualities when wearing the U22 Vietnam captain’s armband 3 years ago. The professionalism, thoughtfulness and standards of midfielder Gia Lam are an example for young players to look at.

But most importantly, a midfielder who is good at transitioning, coordinating and moving vertically like Hung Dung is always necessary for every team. U23 Vietnam has many creative players, but lacks an energetic shuttle midfielder like Hung Dung. This is expected to be the most important addition, helping U23 Vietnam have a balance in gameplay.

The remaining overage rate can be either player Que Ngoc Hai or Quang Hai. In the match against Japan in the 2022 World Cup qualifier, Ngoc Hai played well with two U23 juniors, Viet Anh and Thanh Binh. If Ngoc Hai is selected, U23 Vietnam will have a solid defense line at SEA Games 31.

Strengthening U23 Vietnam to attend SEA Games 31: Hung Dung, Quang Hai selected?  - 4

Quang Hai is a bright choice in midfield.

Quang Hai is also a good choice if Coach Park Hang Seo wants to strengthen the attack, because besides the top class, Quang Hai can also play at least 2 positions and adapt to many tactical schemes.

In theory, the defensive framework of U23 Vietnam is now relatively stable. The problem of the U23 team, as mentioned, is the ability to attack, impose the game and finish.

In the next SEA Games, the extravagance as shown in the past matches can make U23 Vietnam difficult. Therefore, it is not surprising if Coach Park Hang Seo wants to use the best attacking players to serve the goal of winning SEA Games gold.

Predict the selected 3 overage players: Hung Dung, Quang Hai, Tien Linh

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