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Huynh Xiaoming withdraws capital from Angelababy’s company

The actor officially ended economic relations with his ex-wife. He has completed the procedure to withdraw all shares in Angelababy’s company.

On April 1, Sohu reported Huynh Xiaoming divestment at Ningbo Tinh Luu Joint Stock Investment Center. This is a branch of AB Capital, a company founded by Angelababy since 2015.

According to Sohu, Huynh Xiaoming’s investment rate accounts for 60%. The male artist’s withdrawal of capital caused his ex-wife’s company to experience a change in the share structure and had to adjust its business activities.

With the withdrawal of capital from Ningbo Tinh Luu Joint Stock Investment Center, Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy completely ended the bondage of emotional relationships and economic activities.

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Two leading Chinese showbiz artists no longer have economic contact. Photo: Sina.

Before going public with their divorce, they spent a year dealing with property issues. Therefore, the two do not have a dispute or suffer separate property loss. In early February, Huynh Xiaoming – Angelababy unfriended, and removed all posts and images related to each other on social networks.

Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming announced their divorce on January 28 with a statement of only 12 words. The star couple has been cracked since 2018. They quietly filed for divorce in 2021.

Angelababy – Huynh Xiaoming set out three terms for the divorce to go smoothly, without causing further injury to Tieu Hai Mien’s son, namely not to dispute property, not to argue about raising children and not to smear the other on social media. pine.

After everyone went their separate ways, Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming were both entangled in the news of a new love, but the two artists denied it. They said that they are currently focused on their work, and want to spend more time making up for Tieu Hai Mien.

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