“If you don’t hit, don’t scold, don’t punish, there will be no talent, using the name of love and giving in to children is a wrong way of education.”

The wish of all parents in this world is to hope that their children will be healthy, study hard, and grow up to be dragons and phoenixes. Not only in Vietnam, the issue of children’s education is always an issue that attracts the attention of the Chinese people.

In this country of billions of people, people promote “happiness education” and prohibit the use of spanking to teach children. However, a lecture a few years ago by Professor Tien Van Trung, a lecturer at the key Fudan University, caused a stir in this country’s public opinion when he said that the current way of education is the mistake of most. parents.

In his speech, the leading professor made his point: “For the education of a child, there must be punishment, even severe punishment, especially for the only generation in the family. The so-called “quality education” or ” “happy education” is completely the wrong slogan. I hope my words can awaken some parents, some teachers and some principals.”

Below is an excerpt from Professor Tien Van Trung’s speech presented at the 3rd New Dongfang Family Education Summit, which attracted the attention of the Chinese people:

“We are giving in, defending ourselves and defending our children. I mean that education is not like this and shouldn’t be like this.

Today we often promote “fun education” and talk about happy childhoods. But is our childhood really happy? Personally, I didn’t feel like my childhood was fun at all. When he went to school, everyone must have been beaten or scolded by his teacher a few times. I think that in education there must be an element of “suffering”.

Currently, our method of education is to encourage and motivate children, there is nothing wrong with this. So what about the punishment? Can education without discipline fulfill its mission with encouragement alone? I don’t believe it either.

Children today can’t speak, can’t scold, can’t criticize, so even a little stumble is unbearable. When I was young, my teacher used to punish me, but until now, the relationship between teacher and student has always been very good, nothing has changed.

I think education can’t be more and more lenient, we have to be really responsible for our children. Don’t just follow the one-sided views in society about the so-called “quality education”, “fun education”…

Currently, I am advocating to restore the unified national university entrance exam, and it is a bare-bones exam with no points added. If the college entrance exam system cannot be changed, then our education cannot be changed. The reason why the university entrance examination system cannot be changed is because we cannot find a system worse than the university entrance examination system. The college entrance exam system is not the best system, but it is the least bad system.

I myself am a teacher teaching on the front lines, daily work requires contact with students. I want to tell everyone that we have to be serious when it comes to education and make it a top priority.

A professor of China's key university made a controversial point: If you don't hit, don't scold, don't punish, there will be no talent, using the name of love and giving in to children is a wrong way of education - Photo 1.

Professor Tien Van Trung, lecturer at Fudan Key University

Therefore, I think, parents should be really strict with their children. After all, children are not adults yet, so they must be managed, and must be disciplined to let them know that education is not just about having fun.

If one can have fun in learning, it is likely to become a brilliant person! But most people don’t study for fun, but the vast majority are learning for some purpose or learning because they know how important it is to their lives!

We need to tell our children that everyone has to pay for their mistakes. If a society where all parents give in to their children, the future of these preschools is very worrying. Not only that, our future is also very worrying. If now parents, teachers, and society all use concessions to teach their children, how can education progress?

My father received a good education, so he could not accept my way of raising children. Once, watching me teach my child, my father standing next to me was very unhappy.

At that time, my son said, “Dad, why are you talking to me like that?”

I said, “Because I’m wrong”.

Again he replied, “Even if I’m wrong, you shouldn’t have said that to me!”

I asked, “Have you read the ‘Three Self Sutras’?”

It said: “Do you mean ‘it’s my fault that it’s my fault to raise if I don’t teach’?”

I replied, “Yes!”

It said again: “Two days ago, Dad just said “Disciples to return”. In it, it was written “first of all, after trust.” Dad made him unhappy, so why should you do it for him? please?”.

Just a little story of my father and son shows that our traditional education today has completely collapsed. And we are facing the most fundamental contradictions. As a parent, I hope that if my child’s teacher sees that he is not good, just hit him a few times, punish him a few times so that he understands right and wrong.

Now we all encourage children to be confident by praising them, which is right, but overdoing it is wrong. Children living in this form of education will later enter society and face all kinds of contrasts in life, and then they will be “destroyed” by those things.

We should tell our children that this society is cruel and unfair, so that we can train them early to have a spirit of tolerance for grievances and frustrations in life. Only then can children be tempered. more stable.”

Currently, this point of view of the professor at China Key University continues to receive mixed and unresolved controversies.

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According to Anh Le

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