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In order to wear a blazer without looking old, office workers aged 30+ need to know these 3 tips

Blazer, the shirt is always available in the wardrobe of every office girl. The design that is supposed to be serious can be luxurious, with immense personality, becoming a quality piece for every outfit from the office to the usual street.

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If the girls in their twenties have dozens of ways to dress up “differently” liberally for themselves, women 30+ sometimes still wonder about their appearance when wearing a blazer. It is true that the style of the shirt is a bit serious, but it only takes a trick to wear it without being old and rough as many people think.

Don’t be afraid to wear a suit

Many women are afraid to wear a whole suit tree, but in fact, the suit gives them a very cool “interface”. The simplest way to rejuvenate a suit to the office is to choose designs with bright colors, if you still like to wear a black suit, an interesting T-shirt / shirt will be the best piece of the puzzle right now. .

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Not to mention the material of the suit is also a factor that women cannot take lightly. In addition to the suit sewn from European fabric, a stylish, sometimes careless leather blazer design is also a good choice for her to wear to the office every day.

Blazer + jeans: The best age-hacking recipe for every girl aged 30+

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Always a recipe that can accompany her 30+ from the office to dating or everyday walking, the comfortable dynamism of jeans and the maturity of the blazer create a set of extreme age hacks that everyone can enjoy. the hash age girl won’t be able to ignore it.

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Whether it’s a black blazer, a plaid blazer… or designs with striking colors, mixed with comfortable sneakers or a luxurious pair of high heels, blazer and jeans are still an ideal couple for a young office lady. More stylish and trendy every day.

The most luxurious is to wear with skirts / midi skirts, not short skirts

The designs of short skirts/skirts are only suitable for girls of eighteen and twenty, women aged 30+ need the most at this time to be delicate, graceful and elegant. So nothing is more perfect when combining a blazer with a skirt / midi skirt.

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If you are a charming girl, the best choice is the pure and gentle A-line skirt designs. While the designs of silk skirts, split skirts or fishtails with knee length combined with blazer give girls a luxurious, luxurious and trendy look.

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