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Invite friends to cut the enemy

Quang NinhSuspecting his wife to have feelings for another man, Ngo Phuoc Hoan invited Nguyen Dinh Duong to bring a knife to cut his love enemy.

On April 1, the Quang Yen town police said that they had prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, and detained Ngo Phuoc Hoan (23 years old, residing in Minh Thanh ward, Quang Yen town) and Nguyen Dinh Duong (32 years old) , residing in Ka Long ward, Mong Cai city) for the crime Deliberately inflicting injury.

According to the investigative agency, Hoan suspected that his wife had an affair with Mr. Dung (32 years old, residing in Phong Coc ward, Quang Yen town), so on March 22, after drinking, he invited Duong to find Dung to fight with jealousy. .

Hoan and Duong at the investigation agency.  Photo: Ha Tam

Hoan and Duong at the investigation agency. Photo: Ha Tam

Duong and Hoan returned to the motel room in Dong Mai ward to get two knives in the trunk of the car. On the way to area 1, Phong Hai ward, he discovered Dung drinking water. Both stopped the car, took a knife and slashed many times, injuring Dung.

After committing the crime, the two suspects got into the car to run away, but the same night and day were arrested. At the investigation agency, Hoan and Duong confessed all of their crimes.

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