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‘It won’t pay off even selling the SH’

On the forums recently shared a clip recording the collision in the Kim Lien tunnel at 12 o’clock at night. At the scene, it was found that the Maybach supercar was damaged, the front light of the car was knocked out. A young man riding a black SH motorbike is confused and rebuilds the car.

According to the driver of the Maybach, this young man ran a red light and hit the car while he was turning left. Frustrated by the lack of consciousness, the owner of the Maybach busted and scolded the young man in the presence of many passersby.

“I’ve met a lot of cases like this but I can’t blame him. It’s not even a SH that I can’t fix this set of mine. But they… life has no regrets. Because of 3 seconds of light. selling life cheaply. Why look down on life like that? Don’t know how to appreciate life…!” Maybach driver said angrily.

Broken Maybach car lights, driver snapped: “Selling the SH won’t be able to pay for my car”

The young man riding the SH knew his mistake, stood still and listened to the instruction. A few people standing nearby also advised the driver to lower the fire and calm down before the situation. The clip is still receiving many stirring comments on the forums.

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