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Mr. Trinh Van Quyet’s assets “evaporated” more than 300 billion dong, falling in the ranking of securities billionaires in March.

Vietnam’s stock market experienced volatility in March, although there was still a slight increase of 2.15 points of the VN-Index.

The market’s most notable event in March 2022 is a rumor related to FLC President Trinh Van Quyetand then Mr. Quyet was detained by the Investment Police Department for manipulating securities.

According to statistics in March 2022, stocks in the FLC ecosystem dropped sharply, except for GAB, which increased by 0.56%. Specifically, FLC decreased by 12%, ROS decreased by 12%, ART decreased by 24.5%. This decrease causes Mr. Trinh Van Quyet’s assets to “evaporate” VND 350,642 billion, to VND 3,947 billion after the end of the month.

Notably, since March 28, Trinh Van Quyet’s assets have decreased by VND 842 billion after only 4 sessions. Particularly, GAB stock did not have any transactions during these 4 sessions.

Thus, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet dropped one place on the ranking of securities billionaires, down to 45th position, and at the same time ceded 44th position to Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc, Chairman of HAG.

Meanwhile, the top 10 richest people on the stock exchange changed at 10th place when Ms. Vu Thi Hien (wife of Mr. Tran Dinh Long) “gives up” this position to Mr. Ho Xuan Nang, Chairman of Phenikaa Group. .

At the top of the rankings, Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup, recorded an increase in asset value of VND 9,000 billion in March, reaching VND 175,000 billion.

Mr. Tran Dinh Long, Chairman of Hoa Phat Group, although still holding the 2nd position, the asset value has decreased by 2,500 billion VND because HPG shares decreased by 4.5%. As of March 31, Mr. Long’s assets reached VND 52,600 billion.

Rising “star” Do Anh Tuan, Chairman of Sunshine Group, has not been able to keep up when SSH and KSF shares both dropped in price in the past month. From the second position in the top 10 richest people on the floor, Mr. Tuan left to the 3rd position.

Mr. Tuan’s joy is that SCG shares increased by 1.2% and especially KLB increased by 39%. However, in general, after a month, the asset value of this third richest person still decreased by 600 billion dong, to 43,275 billion dong.

The most surprising belongs to the billionaire duo Ho Hung Anh – Nguyen Dang Quang, who are respectively holding the 4th and 5th positions on the rankings. MSN’s share price has dropped by 8.8% in the past month, especially in the last 10 sessions. As a result, Techcombank Chairman Ho Hung Anh’s assets decreased by 3,500 billion VND, to 37,593 billion VND after one month. At the same time, the assets of Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang, Chairman of Masan Group, decreased by 3,539 billion VND, to 36,825 billion VND.

In 6th place, Vietjet Air CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao gained nearly VND 100 billion from VJC stock’s slight increase of 0.2%. Accordingly, Ms. Thao’s assets are currently 35,969 billion VND.

Real estate giant Bui Thanh Nhon, founder of Novaland, added 1,900 billion VND in the past month, bringing his asset value to 33,300 billion VND, ranking 7th in the list of securities billionaires.

The 8th place belongs to Mr. Nguyen Van Dat, Chairman of PDR. Mr. Dat’s asset value increased by 1,100 billion VND to 21,800 billion VND after PDR increased by 5.2%.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy, a major shareholder of Thaiholdings and LienVietPostBank, recorded a decrease of VND430 billion in assets after THD and LPB fell 2.6% and 4% respectively in the past month. Currently, Mr. Thuy’s assets in these two codes are VND 15,217 billion.

The 10th place in this list belongs to Mr. Ho Xuan Nang, Chairman of Phenikaa Group. Thanks to the 9.5% increase in VCS’ share price, Mr. Nang returned to the Top 10 with an asset value of 14,941 billion VND, an increase of nearly 1,300 billion VND in March 2022.

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