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My husband is silent every time his family speaks ill of me

My husband and I are the same age, so we share everything. There is one thing that I resent a lot of things at my husband’s house.

When the husband and father-in-law sat separately, Dad said that husband and wife living together was just the meaning, later on, they will meet many objects that make them love more and forget their wives right away. The father-in-law has a more than usual relationship with a friend. It’s not something I need to interfere and it doesn’t seem like her mother-in-law cares because she only cares about money. I was quite shocked because I don’t think any father would teach his child to cheat like that. He didn’t say it in front of me, so I pretended not to know.

The second, her husband’s cousin got married. My wife and I flew in with my grandmother to attend. Normally, when going anywhere, my husband would carry the luggage, because my grandmother accompanied me, I took the initiative to carry the couple’s luggage (my brother and I shared the suitcase for convenience) and asked my husband to carry it for her. When he got home, his grandmother and father-in-law both scolded him, asking why I didn’t carry it for her. The husband explained that he had carried her for her, but both father and mother simultaneously thought that he was her grandson, so it was different. I’m shocked again, if Dad and Grandma said so, what am I to you?

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There are many other things like when I buy clothes for my brother-in-law, my father-in-law said sarcastically, it must be all my husband’s money, even though I buy gifts for my husband’s family, I use my own money and never take his money. I only temporarily mentioned a few incidents as above to get your opinion. When my husband heard that, he kept silent, making me feel unjust.

I think that every time the husband’s family is like this, he should at least have an attitude of disagreeing with that idea. Your silence will make people think you agree and they are more and more unreasonable to me. Her husband said they were inherently like that, adding that it was only hateful, but it didn’t help. I feel that my husband is somewhat right, but still resentful and uncomfortable. Please comment on this.


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